Monday, September 13, 2010

Metamorphosis Monday...Masterbath feeling blue!

Time for Metamorphosis Monday...I would have gotten this posted last night, but I watch
our Grandson on Sundays and he is a busy boy, so I am tired by the time Sunday evening comes around, but a good tired.
Be sure and go to http://www.betweennapsontheporch.blogspot.com/  where Susan hosts us each week and see all the other great posts this week.

Well this has been the Summer of working on the master bedroom suite in our house, if you can call it that.
Ours is a 1980 typical tri-level home, so the bath is attached but not a suite size like today's homes.
So we work with what we have.
(Click on any photo to enlarge)
the sink area is through a doorway of the bedroom and is just one sink but we have replaced the old cabinet and sink with new and also added a medicine cabinet.  All the bathrooms just had flat mirror above the sinks with those lights that have large round bulbs in a row above them, ICK!

Since the sink area is really connected to the bedroom  then we went with the same color into this part, also the wood flooring too.  The contrast of the white sink with the chocolate walls is good and I will be painting the sink cabinet to match our bedroom furniture too, which is the same color as the mirror frame here.
I added a little 4 light antique chandelier I found on a vacation for $40 above the sink as well.  It goes nicely with the chandelier above our bed. ( See older posts for the bedroom redo).
Some of the pieces hanging on the wall near the sink area, of course it is the Queen's Loo, as we are the Queens!
I thoughts I was going to stay with my gold in the bath/shower and toilet area of the master bath but it just would not work with redoing the master bedroom.  This part is separated from the bath sink area by a door. So is like another room but not big enough to really do as one.

This is the color of the cabinets before, all oak, same as the sink one also.
But this needed to be updated as well.
It is just that when we bought the house, no cabinets, no storage, no medicine cabinets etc.
So some had to be added for storage.
This is a decorative piece I found at a thrift store to decorate over the shower on the
canopy around the shower.

Looking from the sink area to the shower/tub area before we started repainting.
The wood canopy was added and made because years ago when we redid the shower we had to bump out the plumbing wall a bit and these posts helped to hide that. Also I liked it because the shower curtain rod hangs behind it and I hate the look of shower curtain rods.

We start the blue paint. I went one tint darker than the ceiling blue we used in the master bedroom.
It works and makes the white fixtures look nice and clean up against it . White fixtures didn't look as good next to the antique white paint.


This is the shower curtains fabric .
I found two really nice curtains for less than $30 total at Marshalls, the perfect colors
to blend with the bedroom. On eBay these are going for $30 each.

I had one left over chocolate valance ( from my master bed dust ruffle) , to
use on a tension rod on the bottom of the tub.  It hides the spa tub access panel.
I might not leave it like this but for now it serves a purpose.
I hate that access panel showing too.

I have a little tiny table next to the tub for when I want a candle lit etc. and am having a nice bubble bath!
This is before we painted and put the cabinet back up. I still have to paint the wood tub surround.

The cabinet looks better, I might change the hardware also but not sure yet.

With the walls all painted blue, looks better. Years ago I added this hanging towel rack
because there is no real storage for the bath towels in here.
I just got some dark chocolate towels too the other day.

The little rack with old hand mirrors on it is really a plate rack .
I am going to replace the really gold mirror soon as it doesn't go now, the others I had, the blue one
was my grandmother's.
They just add some decorative interest and a little bit of old, plus can be used if needed.

I found these cute stacking boxes at Marshalls, have some in the bedroom too.
They make great additional storage, the small round one on top holds the extra T-paper.
Just have to figure out a window covering next, paint the tub surround and tile the floor and we are done.

Below is the Italian tile we chose to do the floor in this little area.
That will be another weekend project.  I am showing it here next to the wood flooring in the
adjacent bedroom.  It will look nice I think.
I like the rougher texture so less of slip risk if wet.
Hope everyone has a great week!
On to more Metamorphosis projects !!


Michelle said...

Great transformation! I love the vintage hand mirrors...nice touch!

Ormolulu said...

Those shower curtains are gorgeous, Linda! Nice job!!

Look forward to seeing you in October--thanks for visiting my blog.

Take care,


Patty said...

Great job! And thanks for dropping by my blog and commenting! I love the shower curtains.

Sheila @ Dodging Raindrops said...

I love that idea of using decorative boxes to hold extra TP!!

By the way, I live sort of close to you. :) I'm sure we'll bump into each other at some fantastic sale.

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