Thursday, January 15, 2015

Redoing the main bathroom...
Our current home project is the redo of the main bathroom.
We just found this triple mirror that we really like for it.  We are
waiting on the counter top fabricator to make us and come install the marble under mount sink and back splash that will go on top of the old vanity.
This weekend we go buy a sink faucet for this too.
At Christmas time I just dolled it up a bit, while we waited for the counter top guy to come after the holidays to make a template etc.  The old buffet was nice to give up its former life to become a sink vanity for us.

Hubby having to modify the drawers so we can do the plumbing later.

New Italian tile went in for the flooring.  Getting ready to grout here.

Some of the décor in here.

With the old sink vanity out, already looks better.

Getting ready to set tile.

The old vanity, back splash and floor had to go.  We replaced the toilet also.

Before we started.  We are going to have the shower redone into a walk in shower etc. too and eliminate the tub portion.  I have arthritic things, so this will be helpful in the future.  We still have a tub in the master.  Can't wait for it all to be updated and redone. Nice change!


Sunday, January 11, 2015

A little bit of space fluffing and restocking this week. Brought back some picks and finds from a little trip out of town with my hubby.  Always good to look for treasures when you are away.  Lots of great things in our mall space right now!

We are feeling the love!

Some classical and timeless pieces are in.
Great old nut company wood crates, came from South Western WA. state.

Garden things are starting to come in.

                                      And we always carry some French things!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

( Our son's wonderful family at Christmas 2014, so now I am a Grandma twice over, another reason I have been busy.)

Where have I been for so long, gees?  Doing life and it gets busy. But someone on Facebook gave me a good reminder that I needed to get back to my blog.  Between family, home, the antique mall space and a few other things I haven't had time but I will try to make time. I miss it and I miss all of you, so stay tuned!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Our big project of the year was to get my craft / larger laundry room built.
We have some extra length and a corner in our garage which gave
us the room to do it. Just meant walling in where the eye beam holding the second
story of the house was and putting in a door.  We reinsulated existing outside walls, insulated
the new wall , sheet rocked , rewired and added some new lighting and outlets, accessed an
existing duct for heat and have been adding old cabinets for storage.
Still more to do but are waiting to work on the rest till after the holidays.
Most of that being cosmetic and moving the washer and dryer from an inside 1/2 bath
to the back L shaped corner of this room. But I have been working in it.
So nice to have a work space I don't have to clean up and pick up all the time.
Now our family room can be just that!
For more photos of the progress of this project go to this link on my shutterfly.

Monday, November 12, 2012

My Annual Visit to Wights for some Christmas inspiration!

Well I have been away from my blog for far to long, I am still alive however! Just busy, mostly good
busy but busy!  I did however get in my annual visit to Wights in Lynnwood yesterday, to start getting my Christmas inspiration on! http://wights2012.shutterfly.com/ Lots more photos at the link.
  I also got in some holiday open houses at various stores I know and like. All this on the heals of recovering from a nasty sinus infection, been on antibiotics two weeks. Started with a virus the beginning of Oct. that grandson shared with both Grandmas. Been a long October!  I will be back with some more news and more fun things that have been going on around Castle Queen but until then enjoy these pretty photos!  Get your holiday spirit on!!