Sunday, November 18, 2012

Our big project of the year was to get my craft / larger laundry room built.
We have some extra length and a corner in our garage which gave
us the room to do it. Just meant walling in where the eye beam holding the second
story of the house was and putting in a door.  We reinsulated existing outside walls, insulated
the new wall , sheet rocked , rewired and added some new lighting and outlets, accessed an
existing duct for heat and have been adding old cabinets for storage.
Still more to do but are waiting to work on the rest till after the holidays.
Most of that being cosmetic and moving the washer and dryer from an inside 1/2 bath
to the back L shaped corner of this room. But I have been working in it.
So nice to have a work space I don't have to clean up and pick up all the time.
Now our family room can be just that!
For more photos of the progress of this project go to this link on my shutterfly.

Monday, November 12, 2012

My Annual Visit to Wights for some Christmas inspiration!

Well I have been away from my blog for far to long, I am still alive however! Just busy, mostly good
busy but busy!  I did however get in my annual visit to Wights in Lynnwood yesterday, to start getting my Christmas inspiration on! http://wights2012.shutterfly.com/ Lots more photos at the link.
  I also got in some holiday open houses at various stores I know and like. All this on the heals of recovering from a nasty sinus infection, been on antibiotics two weeks. Started with a virus the beginning of Oct. that grandson shared with both Grandmas. Been a long October!  I will be back with some more news and more fun things that have been going on around Castle Queen but until then enjoy these pretty photos!  Get your holiday spirit on!!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Welcome new Blogger friends...

Welcome to the new folks who have found my blog and are following.
You can also find me on Facebook ( my antique mall space) at
I am going to work hard at getting more time for my blog again.
Life has been busy, good busy for the most part but busy. Plus
I see they are changing Blogger, so I have to learn new tricks!
Will be back soon with some new things, first though I will share today a photo from
the Skagit Valley tulip fields which are now in bloom
( not my photo).
I am hoping to get up there soon to take some good shots, hopefully this week.

Milk Glass Mondays...

I thought I would start a Milk Glass Mondays
post here and on my shop FB page at www.facebook.com/RoyalTouchArtAntiques
since several folks have asked me to teach them more
about glassware and collecting it.
Milk Glass is something I have been collecting since about
1994, even preMartha Stewart talking about it!
To start with, here is a great link with some good information
about collecting it and what to look for.
It also mentions some books which are probably two of the "Bibles"
on collecting Milk Glass.

Happy Collecting!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Easter Glass collection...Show and Tell Friday.

Sharing my Easter Milk Glass collection....
be sure and see other things being shared on Show & Tell Friday at
great hostess Cindy.

The above bunny plate one of my favorite pieces
and rather rare to find one with this much paint left on it.

Some of the figural Easter plates are some of the hardest things
to find and rather rare.

The three pieces above are my latest to add to the collection.

I also found some tulip shaped votive cups that fit on
some milk glass candlesticks as well.  Just right for this time of year.