Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wednesday Wee Ones , a little late.....Raggedy time!

A little bit of memories for this weeks Wednesday Wee Ones....My Original Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls.
My mother recently sent me a copy of a letter my grandmother wrote. One of those that does not copy well because of the ink going through the pages, so I retyped it to include with so family could read it. My grandmother, her sisters and my mother and sisters all use to do a "Round Robin" letter.
I use to stay with my Grandparents at different times in the Summer on their farm in Grandview WA. Those were great times!
This letter written the summer before my Grandmother, mother, my brother Richard and I went to Disneyland etc. in 1970.
I still have the Raggedy Ann and Andy family of dolls that my grandmother made and I helped her make that one summer.
( See photo below)
I miss those times with my brother with all my heart!
I suppose he is saving me a place on that Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn raft on the pond up in heaven!! Tears......

Recopied Letter written by Iva McLellan, Linda Cook-Queen’s grandmother.

Hi Robineers July 31, 1969 ?

I just wrote a 4 copy letter to my D &B & R& then sent other to Mouie to send on to Irene, Vivian, Doris & Audrey so I’ll just add a note here to get this R.Robin to Doris/ where is her last letter? I missed it too. She plans to come Aug. 3 for Linda and will stay overnite as we can go to the girls swim ballet in town. I’m having such fun with both Rich and L. here. I gave Linda a map of Tom Sawyers Island from Disneyland & she & R. have been T. Sawyer & Huck Finn since. Both have read T. S. & Rich read Huck Finn. We hoed grapes 2 hrs this a.m., came in & had Root Beer float & then they napped until dinner was ready so they could “head down the Miss. on their raft” (they have on our pond). I took some more cedar posts down there for them to improve it. Susie goes too & rides. Linda made a flag with skull & X bones!
We start picking prunes this eve & I have lots to do, ironing, garden & beans to can.
Strawberries are coming on now & our few peaches are turning. It has been hot but is better today. Percy has the combine motor ready to go back in machine after 2 ½ days of overhauling at Sunnyside he worked on it too. A new block in motor. I’ve been letting Richard drive the pickup-he does very, very good. He & Linda helped me clean more of Percy’s junk away, now I can back out of garage without breaking out the tail lights on his junk.
I’ve made a dress for Linda & am making Raggedy Andy to go with R. Ann for her Aug. 8 birthday.
Now it’s mail time. Love to each of you dear sisters & nieces & daughters and thank all of you for the Birthday cards & letters.
Jimmy Herald looked at our grapes yesterday, look very good he said, he’s our fieldman from Safeway. Picking to start Sept. 20.
Love, Iva

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