Monday, July 6, 2009

Boobie Squish Day....NOT!

Well so much for getting my annual Mammogram today!
Headed out to the doctors and my car gage went right to hot and steam coming out
on the highway. Crap....
So I pulled onto the shoulder, called the hubby who was coming from work to home ( nights)
and was still in North Seattle.
I had taken my breakfast with me, so sat and ate with my flashers on, the hood up and praying no one would run into me over on the side of the 2 lane highway!
Nice Sheriff deputy stopped to check on me, make sure I had someone coming etc.
We both see water like spraying out from the hose area.
So hopefully that is all it is!
I told him, most likely just happening because we just paid it off in June. He agreed!
Crap Crap....
But I have one of those fun American Chrysler cars that you have to just about order everything for and plus take off 10 things to get into fix 1! Joy for hubby....
Rules when broke down....
1. Don't look at the ones that slowed down or looked like they were going to stop for me in the eyes, especially if they have Ted Bundy eyes, if you know what I mean!! Eeeck
Or the ones who where going to take my tires off my car but didn't stop when they saw someone sitting in the car.
Hey they are out there trust me!
2. If they do stop, remember to act crazier than they do if they start to scare you, scare them first. Thank Dad for that one! He worked in a prison, he should know!
3. Have a cell phone, even if just for emergencies.
Now I am appreciating a cell phone much much more!
4. Make sure you have water in your car, I probably could have put some in and limped the car home sooner on my own.
I called my clinic to apologize and say I will reschedule appt. for later.
When I was still there, same Sheriff came back around, hubby had just called from nearby auto store with antifreeze. So my prince coming to rescue me soon and he did....Yeah!!
Now I pray it is a simple fix!!
P.S. Called the Sheriff's dept. to send a Thank You message to that nice Deputy!
I appreciate it when we have good public servants like that!


Melissa Miller said...

I'm glad it all worked out Linda.
Sounds like you had some nice help.

At least you didn't have to get the boobie squish thing today.
Can you tell I have a phobia about them? Ugh!

Have a wonderful evening.
~Melissa :)

Glenda/MidSouth said...

i have a fear of that happening. Now days, you never know what will stop and not to help. Glad it worked out.

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

Oh Linda I am so glad you didn't get hit or hit on ha ha!! Hope it's an easy fix for you...have a great day my friend...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

mishebe said...

Oh Linda that sucks. thank god for the hubs! How is the car?