Sunday, June 7, 2009

Seattle Eye Candy, Part 6.....Cool things and last one I promise!

Ok, final post from Seattle Eye Candy experience.....but had to throw in a shot of the horse
drawn carriage on the Seattle waterfront too.
I want a ride in one one day!
Would make me think of my ancestors who lived and worked in Alki area at beginning of the 1900s.
Anyway, here are some things I saw that I just thought were cool.
Enjoy, hope everyone having a good Sunday!
(Again, click on any photo to enlarge )

This gorgeous gilded desk set was to die for and way cool!
Just don't see things like this everyday.
Drool drool!

This old antique rocking horse and this frame patriotic needlework piece were both cool.
I could think of all sorts of things for both.

Loved this group of Half Dolls in a case, all shapes and sizes.
Cool to see, I should have bought a small one at least.

This French velvet portiere was pretty and unusual to see.
I thought it was cool. Would be pretty around a bed.

Close up of the details.

Urns are always cool. I really like this pair.
Would make great tables, with glass rounds put on top of them!

And of course this hand painted door caught my painters eye.
Love the red and all the details, way cool!

These huge old leaded glass doors were cool.
Wouldn't these be gorgeous built into a home if you were building your own.

This metal or rod iron work planter was cool, it had two matching pieces , gates? on either side
of it. Definitely Victorian, I wonder where it came from?

This screen is cool, love the glass panels in the top.
Don't know where it would go but like it.
Would even be cool as a head board for a bed I think.

Old dress forms are always cool. Loved it next to this modern art painting.
So glad I bought my antique dress form years ago, a $65 find , as now they are hot and
expensive to find!

Don't we all need a leather corset with the boobs cut out?!!!LOL
And then because it is so hot in that thing, a large fan (right) to cool
you down. Madonna look out!
Thought these were cool just because of their contrast to each other.


Helen said...

Hi there! I have friends visiting Seattle this weekend too! I've loved looking at each photo you've posted .... what a place!!!!

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Not bored at all with your posts. I have really enjoyed them.

Happy To Be said...

I am loving all this fun antiques you have shown us Linda...love the old doors the best...thanks for the eye Candy...seen lots i would love to have...may you have a great day my friend...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

lvroftiques said...

Linda I've been soaking up all the details of your trip to Pacific Galleries. Sooo many beautiful things but those prices OY VAY! I'm in LOVE with that painted door! What a treasure! The pair of french girandoles for $295 was actually a good price! And the bed you loved really wasn't too bad either. Loved the crown detail! This was just yummy! I hope you find yourself the perfect marble or alabaster bust...with the perfect price tag! They do come up from time to time. Well girlfriend I really enjoyed this shopping trip with you! Lets do one together soon! *winks* Vanna