Sunday, June 7, 2009

Seattle Eye Candy , Part 5......are you bored yet? and Questions.

Seattle Eye Candy, Part 5.....are you bored yet?
Only one more part after this to go, but thought you would enjoy seeing too, such amazing things
to see there.
One thing is their furniture and architectural pieces, old stained glass doors and windows etc.
One huge big warehouse room in the back, the width of this place is all the large things.
It just blows me away , as their are things I have never seen in my life in here.
I always wonder about the huge old Victorian mansion or space they came out of !
(Click on any photo to enlarge and see closer)
Questions; Mishelle, I think those harlequin tables were like $400-500 each. I didn't really look but I can guess. This place is expensive. I do more looking there and getting ideas than anything unless I know it is a good deal. I only bought one thing, I will show in next post, a piece off an old piece of furniture, want to use it when making the new Master bedroom cornice for above our bed.
I did see LOTS of things I would like to have, some pretty cool things.
I got excited when I saw an old Victorian hand vase, a painted one but its base was all chipped up and they still wanted $52 for it, no way.

Huge side board or buffet. Beautifully carved but can you imagine moving this one?!
I am sure it comes apart but still, as it is like 12 feet + long and heavy I am sure!

This is a plant stand probably for ferns or large vases to set on on top.
There were a pair of them, look at all this amazing carving
, just blows me away. I felt like I had traveled back in time seeing these treasures.

Closer look at some of the detail on a side board or buffet.
They just don't do things like this in these days and times!

This really ornately carved ebony china, book case or etagere was there
the last time I was there. It is an amazing piece but sure would be difficult to fit
into decor . It would surely be the focal point in a room though!

How about this pretty ornate Frenchy armoire for your bedroom?!!

Here is one example of the huge pieces of antiques they have there.
There is this one and to it's right a twin. Look at the leaded glass doors, details on the top.
I am guessing book cases?! But also could be china and linen cupboards as their are drawers
in the bottom. These things must have been 15 feet tall and at least that long.

They have a huge area that is nothing but furniture and furniture as in antiques or
vintage the likes of which you have never seen.
Pretty amazing, I always wonder what old historic mansion or hotel etc.
these pieces came out of?!

Look at the carving on this chair.
I call it the Shakespeare in Love chair, so pretty!

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