Saturday, June 6, 2009

Seattle Eye Candy, Part 3.......rooms you could almost move into!

Seattle Pacific Galleries Antique Mall Eye Candy , Part 3 ( be sure and see the previous posts too, click on any photo to enlarge and see closer).
Some of the staggers and sellers at this place do some amazing things. It really makes you want to take home more than one piece or a whole setting, that is the idea, multiple selling!!
This first space, just has some neat pieces in it. I like the mirrored table, the neat column, the architectural piece in the back.
Fun things!

Here we have the modern mixed with traditional mixed with some Asian but in some ways it works!

These toile chairs made me think of so many folks in blogland!!
And notice the wall paper on the back walls, start tearing up those old books!!!
Great ideas!

This space really caught my eye because I don't usually like industrial type decor but I loved some elements or pieces in here. I like the mixture of the classical with the industrial.
LOVE that file cabinet on the back wall, I could so see that used in a craft room, amazing piece.
And loved the round table, unique!

Notice the big round mirror done with drift wood, amazing!
And the ottoman with the Zebra hide, cool cool!

Many fun things in this space. The person who has this space and a couple others
is such a good stagger with it all. Makes you want to take a whole room home, very talented designer!

Another alabaster lamp seen, love it with the black shade.
And these tables, there were two, made me SOoooo think of
our Mishelle at The Crowned Casa blog!!

What do you like in this room?
I think the half moon window on the wall is cool.
Like the silk tufted wing chairs in the back.

Several things here I could have taken home.
The panel on the wall on the far left, the frenchy grey chest, that metal planter basket that looks like a baby bed or maybe it is an old baby bassinet?!

Many small goodies to be found!

A little more Shabby Chic looking here. Loved the old corbels holding up
some metal work like a shelf.

This is a great looking space, almost ready to move into.
I was in love with the Cream sofa and the oval mirror on the wall, which I will show
a close up photo of in another post.


marty39 said...

Boy there really are a ton of gorgeous things. I would love to be turned loose in there with a huge pocket full of money. What a treat. Hugs, Marty

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Oh my! Let me see - I want one of those and one of these. :-)
Lots of eye candy. Thanks for sharing your trip.

Kammy said...

Wow, looks like a Dangerous place to shop, LOL ! I love lots of the stuff !
Hugs ~ Kammy