Saturday, June 6, 2009

Seattle Eye Candy, Part 2......Marble and Candlelight!

Well Seattle Eye Candy, Part 2......I had looking for marble busts on my brain, or an alabaster one would do too. I saw alot of them and also alabaster lamps are huge right now for decorating, saw many of those also. I will be watching for those in the future too.
And chandeliers and candle abras always catch my eye.
Here are some that I saw in my outing.
(Click on any photo to enlarge and see closer, enjoy!)
A large granite statue in the auction room.
Gee can't you tuck this lady in a corner somewhere?

I would have liked to bring this little bust lady home to kick off my
bust collection but I didn't want to pay the price they had on her.
I am waiting for that bargain to come to me!

A rather large bust but nice.

How about this modest lady for your living room?
or not!

I thought this marble carved lady lamp was so wonderful. Love the colors
in the stone, how she is holding flowers. Would be great with a shade in old floral fabric, like a bark cloth or else a silk shade.

This marble carved lamp, you don't see these every day!
I bet it is gorgeous when lit.

There were a set of these large crystal and brass candle abras and also some matching wall sconces. So stunning and a stunning price, I think over $5000 for the set.
But WOW!

And gorgeous candle abras everywhere! Someday I want a pair.
These were not to bad, I think about $295 for the pair.

This was another great chandelier, liked the little cherubs in the center and the drippy candle covers.
Never can have enough chandies!
Am I right girls???and guys??

Well here was a great chandelier.
And one just my style in a way since part of it is made of milk glass.
They needed to wash the prisms on it however.
But wouldn't this make a statement in a room, I could see it contrasting with
dark walls, with mirrored furniture, black and white damask fabrics in a dining room with this over the table, yum!
All sorts of possibilities!

I liked the dark of this old candlestick against the white pillar.
Liked the little cherub on the bottom of it also.

Never get tired of looking at pretty chandeliers!

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