Sunday, June 28, 2009

My weekend fun and finds!

Well I have been on my own this weekend while the hubby is out of town.
Feeling alot better with the shingles, that natural stuff I take for it really knocks the pain down
alot when taken. So I am thankful for that!
I didn't know if I would feel to good to do much or not.
Once I felt alot better I wanted to take at least one day this weekend to go do something fun out of the house. The weather was great yesterday so I got in the car and headed out.
I decided to go to Monroe WA. Had not been for years, is not that far but the highway to there is sort of bad and busy and sort of have to make a day of it if you go.
So I did.
When I got to the edge of town near the fair grounds there were signs for The Biggest Garage Sale in the NW happening there. Not sure about that phrase being true but I knew they also do a flea market in one building on the weekends( not like it use to be, alot of just junk!!) and I use to find good things there.
So I went.
I hit the garage sale areas first that were under the outdoor covers.
Nice to have the shade and browse.
Really was alot of junk which was disappointing but then I found some people's booths that were
set up like little shops and really had nice good things, for cheap! then I had fun.
Could have come home with more but I went with a set amount of money to see what I could find within that budget. Sort of a challenge.
I ended up finding a bunch of things this weekend and still came home with money left over too.
(Click on photos to enlarge)

This old bassinet was darling and would have been cute for some of my baby dolls
in my collection but I am out of room, so it didn't come home.
But I did buy a print from these people.
They had nicer things.
I stopped for a bite to eat at the local soda fountain cafe while I checked out the downtown antique stores. I didn't end up finding anything I really wanted to take home
in the Antique shops. Some were tempting but no go.
Cute place to eat though all
painted up with murals and sort of a western motif.
The owner told me that the man that does the murals comes back once and a while
to add things when they are closed, then asks them
" do you see the new things"?

Probably one of the best finds of the weekend, new flag swags for the front porch.
Was going to go to the store or online to buy some new ones,
as our old ones were worn out and faded.
I happened into the thrift store and found 4 brand new ones, Valley forge ones too, in their packages still for like $3.95 each. So I grabbed them up, great savings!
So was time to get the porch decked out for the 4th of July!

A favorite corner of our front porch. We like to sit and have lunch here at times or watch the sunsets. We get some of the greatest sunsets I have ever seen in our area!
Ron made the bench for me out of an old headboard I found at a garage sale for $5.
I usually have a cushion on it but the cats in the neighborhood ruin them sometimes, so I take it off.

My favorite finds of the day I think.
These really cool Victorian picture frames with their
original hand painted ornate matts inside.
I have to get glass cut for one but that is no biggy.
I got these for a steal and am so thrilled to find them.
The lady was so nice but worried I was a dealer, I assured her that these were for ME!!
She was happy that someone was going to love them.
They had some cheesy ( not Victorian ) needlepoint pieces put where the ovals were.
I took those out.
Now to figure out what old family photos will go in them.

I found this pretty French lady in boudoir print, not sure it will be kept though, might sell it
if I don't like it where I think I would like to put it.

These pretty tiger lilly cut out and embroidered napkins and this little cherub vanity holder, probably had a vase in it??

I found this old glass flower frog, milk glass wheat patterned egg cup and milk glass
hand tray all for about $4.
The milk glass pieces were actually pieces I didn't have.

This old Santa face mold for only $5 .
I really like Santa's , kitchen gadgets or tools and vintage Christmas
things, so this sort of fit all three.
The man selling it thought it old like 1920's but I am not sure.
Can't find any marks on it.
If anyone knows anything about it, let me know!
Still will be fun with Christmas things at that time of year.


The Green Pea said...

What great finds, like the Santa, frog,the bench your husband made, you had a good day. Sandi

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Sounds like you had a good shopping day and some good deals. Sounds like the shingles are getting better also.

carolinajewel said...

So Sorry you have had shingles! Love that bench - tell hubby great job and you had a wonderful time shopping!!! Great bargains!

My mother still has permanent nerve damage from a terrible shingle attack 2 years ago. Would your "natural stuff" help her??? :D Jewel

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

LOVE that Santa mould! You found some fabulous deals! Your patriotic decor on your house looks so pretty. laurie

mishebe said...

Very cute 4th of July decor. happy 4th! Mishelle