Sunday, June 28, 2009

My rant for the week.....to get it out of my system, then back to fun things!

Indulge me, I have to vent and get things out of my system.
So a little rant typing now and then is good for the soul!
It is cheaper than therapy too, lol!
I know news has been totally consumed with talking about Michael Jackson's passing or Farrah passing etc.
But there are other things going on.
Did you hear this one?
One of our all time great citizens of these United States, NOT!
Old Terry ( I bombed children and innocent people in Oklahoma) Nichols
is unhappy with his food in prison. So he gets a lawyer to sue over it.
Saying " the food there does not allow him to serve or follow God's teachings"
or some stupid thing!!!
Have I got a menu for this dude.
Give him the food he wants but as a Last Super, like Jesus had, except I
would give him the "rat poison" salt shaker to boot!!
Good grief he does what he does, does not have the balls to fess up to it. His attorneys save his life ( which should not be the case) and then he is complaining about how he is treated or what he gets to eat.
Maybe he is just jealous of Guy Fieri's( sp?) job on Food Network, where he goes around to all the Diners, Drive Ins and Dives for all that good food.
Should we give him a reality show from federal prison called
" Prison Chow, Eat it Now"!??
Send him around to the different prison's to sample the food.
Hopefully one of the other inmates with nothing to loose and wanting to put a notch on
his belt will do him justice while visiting.
I am sick of these pieces of human garbage committing such horrible crimes , then we spend money feeding , housing etc. them the rest of their lives. Not to mention letting them use our tax dollars for law suits and appeals out their ears and they are still not happy campers.
You aren't happy, go live on an Island, fight it out amongst your crazy, sociopathic, sadistic brains and call it a day!
Last guy standing gets the steak dinner!!!

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JamaGenie said...

Far as I'm concerned, prisoners should get 3 non-rotten meals a day, period. Like when we were kids and Mom served something we didn't like (or hadn't tried), she'd say "When you get hungry enough, you'll eat it" (or the old stand by, "starving children in [insert country]").

So Ol' Terry doesn't like the chow? Maybe he'd like to be in a prison in a Third World country where prisoners' food has bugs crawling around in it (extra protein).

How 'bout he's still mad because he didn't get away with that horrendous crime? Or here's a thought - how 'bout if he'd never gotten involved with that other monster, he could be eating *anything he wants* right now. Sheesh! What happened to shame?

btw, prisoners in Calif have access to better medical care than those of us who aren't in prison and have health "insurance". Even th ones on death row, by law, get every possible treatment for life-threatening conditions. Np wonder Calif is broke...

Okay, off the soapbox. Thanks for letting ME rant!