Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Getting all Christmasized at our Antique Mall Spaces...

Today I fired myself so I can get some rest and healing time in.
Been doing to many things for to many days in a row and now
my fibromyalgia is telling me, STOP!
So I am but thought I would show you what I have been doing.
The owner of the antique mall where we had a space asked us to take a second space, so
we did.
It also happens to be one of the first spaces you see as you come in the mall.
So I have been a really busy Queen bee setting this up, with hubby's help.
Plus redoing our existing space and getting them all ready for Christmas.

We did a very Frenchy sort of thing on this front space.
Black, white, silver, chartreuse green etc. Alot of hand made ornaments
I made using graphics from www.GraphicsFairy.blogspot.com and
other things.  Used french sayings on them also.

We do a mixer in our spaces of Antiques, vintage items, some new
gift ware and then things I make or paint. It works well for us.

I brought in this cute old twin bed that I painted out black, as well as several end or night
 tables that could be used with it.
Some French print fabric pillows I made with old black glass buttons on them.

Then in our existing space I went blue for Christmas and more earthy tones too.
I had this gorgeous wicker table ( I hate to sell) to bring in.

And this darling antique oak painted robbin's egg blue shelf ( which came from an old
home in West Seattle) is another great piece of furniture I brought in to sell.
I still have some more work and more Christmas things to bring in for
our org. space but I needed a day off.
My boss aka me, was working me to hard!! lol

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