Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tablescape Thursday...thinking of Paris!

Time for Tablescape Thursday, thanks to our hostess Susan
Be sure and check out her great blog and see who else is setting the table for you!

Recently I found some cute new dessert plates at the thrift store and then two more, for 6, at a store which inspired my Tablescape this week.
They have Paris on them with a fleur de lis.
So we had to go French here.

The sort of have a beige or taupe back ground with black detail, so we have silver, black, taupe and white for this table.

Another inspiration was this pretty linen and black printed table runner that is sort of new. I love the pattern on it.
I ran it in the center and across the table for my base.

I added a pedestal silver plated cake plate with a large nest, ceramic Fleur de Lis statue and my large cloche for the centerpiece.
I flanked this with my black and silver candlesticks that have some music paper wrapped candles in them. I added the paper
fleur de lis to each one.

For the place setting; I used my grandparents silver plated flatware that I inherited, miscellaneous round silver plated trays for chargers ( most found at the thrift store of about $3-4 each), used our black stemmed glassware...

...then layered that with my black and white china found at Marshall's, put two layered black and white napkins in some home made paper fleur de lis napkin rings...

...and topped all that with the Paris dessert plates and Voila, we are eating in Paris!

Closer look at my layered napkins and the napkin rings.

A view from the kitchen.

And on the dinning room sideboard I added some fleur de lis items I had mixed with with sort of French garden things, old urns , a lady statue on a silver plated tray and so on.
And I did change out the buffet lamp shades to my black ones as well as the chandelier shades to the black ones, just for a change and to coordinate better with the theme.


The Dragonfly On Iron Gate said...

So cute ! I have fleur de lis on my house over the windows. This is such a nice table. The napkin rings are great. Lovely, I'm glad I stopped in! Happy Thursday, Jules ♥

JudyBug said...

Here in LA (which I think is the fleur-de-lis capitol of the world)..your table would be a HUGE hit. I just love it...and somehow I just knew the Marshall's store was involved!

lvroftiques said...

Tres belle my friend! J'aime paris! Vanna