Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tablescape Thursday...A wee spot O'Tea!

 Sometimes you just need a quiet corner to go and relax in and have
a wee spot O'Tea.
At least I do sometimes!
So I set me up a space in a corner of the living room, with our new little antique settee and a little tea table I inherited.

I used a little one serving tea pot and matching cup set that my good friend Marilyn gave me, as well as the pretty place mat.
Old linen embroidered napkin found as a set at a thrift store , as well as the little squarish silver plated tray too.

Some good reading material is always a must for times like this.
I am really enjoying Barbra Streisand's design book that features her gorgeous home. It is really yummy eye candy!
Nice with the afternoon sun coming in through the front windows.

I added some faux tulips ( since it is tulip time of year around
our area) in a vintage Imperial Glass Co. sort of rare vase, one in my collection of milk glass.

I am enjoying my wee spot O'tea and some relaxing "ME" time.
Hope you have some soon too.

I have joined in on Tablescape Thursday at
Thank you to Susan, as she is our great hostess each week.
Be sure and check out her great blog and see who else is setting a table!


lvroftiques said...

Please pass me a cup. And could I just browse that book for a minute or two also? *winks* Vanna

Martha said...

A very pretty place for a wee spot of tea!

Babs said...

Pretty trayscape and a lovely place for tea. Enjoy.

that's life! said...

Oh, isn't this serendipitous!

I live in a castle, too! Okay, I don't yet *live* in my castle, but my prince is building one.

I just did a search for blogs by people who like antiques, and yours caught my eye because I have a friend named Linda from Everett, WA and I'll bet she'd say she'd kissed some frogs in her time. Well, okay, so you're not *that* Linda BUT I absolutely LOVE your little corner with your tea tray and I have a good friend named *Marilyn*, too, I love Barbara Streisand and was moved by Liz Taylor's death, and I'm gonna quit for now because I think I hear the Twilight Zone theme playing! Cheers!

afternoon tea said...

Can I borrow your corner? It looks wonderful, very inviting.

Tess said...

Your tea set is soooooooo beautiful! What a nice way to treat yourself.

Are you excited to see the royal wedding??? Looks like you can have a wonderful front row seat with this set up on April 29th