Monday, July 26, 2010

Metamorphosis Monday...we did it, redid the Master Bedroom, now fit for the Queens!

Time for Metamorphosis Monday !
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us , check out her blog for other Met Monday posters this week.

I have been away for awhile because Summer is so so busy for me, us, everyone!
But also because we were working on a BIG Metamorphosis...Finally getting to finish our
Master Bedroom redo.
( Click on any photo to enlarge and see closer)

That icky blue green carpet , popcorn ceilings, I had it very Victorian
with my pinks, greens , tans and white.
But it was time for an update.
If we were going to get rid of the popcorn ceilings( which I hate)
I knew the border paper would not survive that getting wet etc.
And if we were going to tear into the room to do the ceiling, the carpet could go then too.
Big messy, hard work project!

Old colors, old flooring and ceiling, bedding etc.

When I first found the new bedding , colors for the redo.

My vanity/dresser in the old colors.

The transformation began with me picking colors.
I was in love with the idea of chocolate colored walls!!
After all who doesn't like chocolate, right?
Wall color is Historic color;
Mark Twain House Bark

The Vanity now with my new antique lamps I found
with brown shades.
We kept the furniture painted same as all the trim
in Alamode white.
Accented everything with a silvery to sometimes tealish blue.

Here it is with the ceiling scraped and painted and trimmed out.
Ron even moved the lighting for me and wired up my antique chandelier with a dimmer.
It looks so pretty above the bed.
The floors in and floor molding done.
This is with the Summer weight bedding on, which is lighter in color than the other set but
still blends nice and is a good change for when it is hot.

I am still working on accessorizing.
Like what is going on the walls etc.
This is a mirror I had and I have since changed it to a bigger mirror that
is oval .

In the master bath sink area.
We still have the crown molding to put in in all the rooms.
And I have to paint out the sink base to match the mirror and our bedroom
We also have to tile the bath/shower and toilet area which is separated by
a door from the rest.
We didn't want the wood flooring in the area where there is more water .
I have found an Italian tile with nice texture and dark brown in the little nooks and crannies, looks good next to the flooring.

We are loving how much bigger the room feels with that icky old texture off the ceiling and the use of this wide plank flooring. So old world feeling, we love it!
The rugs were a find at Costco, I bought three when I found them and saved them for this purpose
as I knew they were the right color.

When we can we want to put a bigger and flat screen tv on this wall above Ron's
Like I said, I am still working on what things I want where on what walls.
I keep moving it around a bit till I get it just right.
Will look better too when the same color crown molding goes up
in the crease of the wall and ceiling .

The drapes are a faux silk I got from Target.
I got the longer length so they would puddle a bit on the floor.
For now I gave my old antique dress form gal, Helena, a Summer
look without my wedding dress on her.
She was hot in that thing! LOL

The antique brass chandelier was a thrift store find years ago for $25.
I found the brown shades at ROSS for less than $2 each.
And so it wouldn't feel like a cave of chocolate, we painted out a
faux tray ceiling in most of the ceiling in Dresden Blue, a little bit lighter
version of the drape color.
And yes, I have painted really soft, wispy and faint clouds on
my ceiling.
So it feels like we wake up under the sky , I love it!

All total with things I bought including flooring and then minus things I sold off;
Redo so far has cost us about $1800.
When we were going to have a local flooring place just do the wood flooring and the tiled bath it
was going to be about $3000 for those two things.
So a big thanks to our friend Mike who helped us install the flooring.
Ron and I did all the other hard work.


- Brittany said...

Wow! Truly a huge transformation. I bet you love the smooth ceiling. We scrape our ceilings each time we paint a new room. After 3 yrs. we have 3 rooms left to scrape!

Hoppin' over from Metamorphosis Monday.


VintageFeedsacks said...

Hi Linda. Just stopping by to see your place and low and behold I see that you are the Linda that bought our queen bee stencil! I love what you did with it!


Ms Bingles Vintage Christmas said...

Wow, your pictures are just beautiful!
Thank you for sharing!
Have a good evening!

Martha said...

A very pretty transformation!

niartist said...

Lovely job Linda. Love the transformation! :)

mishebe said...

Looks Fab Linda!

Anonymous said...