Tuesday, January 12, 2010

To clarify myself and my aches and pains.....

Thank you again those who commented etc. previously when I was feeling icky and
sorry for myself this week.
I think I am on the mend some but should clarify.
Yes, I have Fibromayalgia or at least that is their diagnosis. I had 16 out of the 18 possible pain points when diagnosed, Ouch! I actually believe I have
Polymyalgia which has some variations which I have which do not usually occur with Fibromyalgia sufferers.
But they say they do not recognize that in people under 50, but they could be wrong.
I also have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Anemia of Chronic disease , Hypothyroidism and Rosacea. And throw in a bad C5-6 in my neck to boot!
Many of those things make me tired for one, so I say my middle name is "Tiredelda"! HA
I was first diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in 1990 but was not
treated for it very well ( but it was such a new illness).
By 1993 I was getting more and more physical and cognitive symptoms etc. but again was misdiagnosed partly because I was abused when a child, so they kept telling me it was that and to get more counseling. They were missing the big picture!
By 1994-95 when we moved to this side of the state I was almost bed ridden 5-6 days a week it had gotten so bad.
I finally found a doctor who diagnosed me right in 1997 , also got diagnosed right for the thyroid disease which I had been having symptoms of for about 20 years and they never diagnosed correctly either. So what did that do to me all those years?
Not to mention growing up downwind from a nuclear plant for most of my life!
Anyway, I usually keep a good attitude but being human once in a while it gets to me.
I know it can always be something worse and it is not but it can be pretty damn difficult when it wants to be.
Many, sometimes even family members or friends do not understand, as you look fluffy aka plump and healthy , so it is hard for them to tell or appreciate the inner pain etc. you are going through.
To my fellow blogland friends who also suffer, I pray for you as well and thank you for your support.
We are all in this fight for the good fight, so take care of yourselves!
I do many natural things that have helped me a great deal but they are not a cure, just helpers, when it flares it does what it wants.
But here is to better days ahead and one day a magic pill or cure!!!


Annie @ Birdcages n Butterflies x said...

I had no Idea hun! Thats an awful LOT to have to deal with on a daily basis... Sending you big hugs and blessings hunny x
Annie xx

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Sorry you are having to deal with all that. :( (((hugs)))

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Linda you said:- "sometimes even family members or friends do not understand, as you look fluffy aka plump and healthy , so it is hard for them to tell or appreciate the inner pain etc. you are going through."

THAT IS 100% true...I too look "healthy as a horse" as my mother use to say...and it is hard for anyone who does not have Fibro and/or all the other unfriendly " offshoots" that it brings along with it...to comprehend what this does to our minds, bodies and spirts at times.

24/7~ 365 pain, and UNRELENTING ache and the plain old everyday annoyance of it all.
I had to close my very profitable photography career/ business in 1998 because of it.
Took me many more years of mental anguish to get over THAT FACT ALONE...all of which did nothing to alleviate the physical pain, and indeed made it all the worse.

It took years to get the right Doctor who believed in Fibro to help me out of the "pit" I was in.
Now with the proper COMBINATION of medications and a LOT more sleep than I have had on over 25 years..I am on my way to a half way "normal" life again. PRAISE GOD.
PRAYER... and now most recently.. my BLOGGING FREINDS have afforded me such a BLESSING and DIVERSION in my road to effectively dealing with this condition...I WISH THE SAME FOR YOU DEAR BLOGGING FRIEND.

I too am a member of your group of bloggers.

Sweet Dreams,

Shirin Moni said...

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