Saturday, August 8, 2009

20 to 50.....the last 4 things I have learned!

Well been posting for the last 20 days things I have learned in my 50 years on the planet.
And now for the last 4 things......
1. Forgive.......I have had to forgive some pretty bad things in my life of people who were
suppose to love me the most. It is not easy but for my own salvation, for the own healing of my inner child and soul it was necessary. And God teaches us that.
Does not mean you have to forget and like have those you forgive over for dinner etc.
But to move on with your own life and not be bogged down by those negative things!
2. Walk in others shoes.....there but for the grace of God go all of us.
All our situations could be different and if we only take the time to realize that.
Sometimes we judge as humans without even understanding the other persons situation or really knowing them.
3. Be a light.....instead of a grey cloud.
It is really easy to let negative things in your life turn you into a grey cloud.
I understand this. But try to turn those negatives into positive someway somehow so your
soul is a light to others.
I have relatives that are always the grey cloud, always negative and always griping
about something.
It is such a waist of a life!
4. Enjoy each day......no matter what comes each day of your life enjoy it.
Enjoy the rain even if you would rather have it sunny, it waters our Earth and the pretty flowers that grow.
Enjoy what you have and the benefits of just being alive.
Life is so short, so precious , we never know how long we have and what is ahead.
And now with those things said, I will enjoy my BD and carry on to the next year of my life!
I thank God he didn't listen to me when younger and I did not know my purpose and questioned my life or have the strength I have now thanks for him!
It has not always been an easy ride in these 50 years but it has been interesting, knowledgeable, joyful, sometimes tearful but always by his Grace.
God Bless!


Myrna said...

Loved this post, Linda!

Melissa Miller said...

~Happy Birthday Linda!!!
I hope your day is blessed and special. ~Enjoy!

Deborah Burton said...

Linda, I really enjoyed meeting you at Hot Blogust Night . . . your words of wisdom at turning 50 ring true, so very true! Glad to have enjoyed a night of serenity and pleasure with you!

Debi a.k.a. Ormolulu.com (visit me!)