Monday, August 3, 2009

20 to 50, 2 Days posts, Day 6 and 5, #15 and #16....

Well I missed yesterday and almost today in posting my 20 to 50 posts, so am catching up.
Yesterday being 6 days out and today 5 days until I turn 50....So gee let me see, need 2 more
things I have learned in almost 50 years on the planet.
# 15.......have a hobby, something that is all yours, a passion!
I feel fortunate that I have things I do and enjoy doing, that entertain me
or give me a creative outlet.
I can keep myself busy when I need to, do something to earn some extra loot or just for giving as a gift with some of my hobbies.
I know some folks, even in my own family, who spent their life living to much for others ALL the time and now they are alone and have nothing to do but sit.
Sad really, I think it shortens your life.
#16.....I am woman hear me roar! Speak up for yourself.
I didn't use to be this way and maybe it is partly older age, LOL,
but I speak up and out more than I use to.
I am not willing to settle as much or take people's constant BS like I use to.
I am more assertive but in good and tactful ways I think.
Like a relative who kept being negative all the time, someone who was suppose to be in my corner and love me.
I finally had enough and let them know that they never said nice things to me, that I was sick of it, why should I want to talk to them or be around them when they treated me like crap.
Made a big impact, I should have done it years ago!! But back then I don't think I have spunk I have now or the confidence. I know I didn't when growing up, child abuse robbed me of that.
It took me a long time to find me and my courage!!
Glad I did!!

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