Monday, July 20, 2009

Antiques Road Show, do you watch ?

Do you watch Antiques Road Show? I love this show! I learn so much and then keep hoping I take that knowledge with me when out and about, so I can find me a $1 million dollar painting sometime and sell that sucker!! LOL
Gee they have had some interesting things and spendy things on lately. Really cool to see though.
Well in 2002 when the show was going to be in Seattle, we sent in for tickets, we got a pair.
So hubby and I both went with 2 things each. I took 2 for us and 2 for my parents. I wish I had photos to show you the things I took for my parents. One being a really cool and different cameo broach that is probably from 1920's, from our family and they appraised it at $600-800.
The other was the group of things from when my GG grandfather and his soninlaw my Great Grandfather went to the Klondike Gold Rush in Alaska in the late 1800's. Those we could not get an exact appraisal on, because the real expert on those was not there at the time.
Then what I took for us. One thing being this Color Chromo Lithograph Framed Print called "American Beauties"( that title is at the bottom of the print).
It is a piece that I bought off a friend, I was with her when she bought it but later said it was to dark for her home. I loved it and agreed to pay her what she paid for it with the tax, which was about $85.
It is hard to tell from photo, maybe if you click on it to enlarge it, but it is molded paper, so the roses and things actually stand out from the surface.
Really so pretty!
Anyway, the appraiser said that they used this print in advertising for stores etc.
When they did that it would have the name of a store or business beneath
the American Beauties title.
With the advertising it would have been worth about $800-900, as it is here it is worth about $300-400. So still did well.

I also took this Heppell English Milk Glass sugar and creamer set from my collection , they date from about 1880. I really love their seashell molding, so different and unique.
I paid about $100 for the pair( they would probably fetch more now) , appraiser said I did about right. So at least I didn't pay to much.
But then the appraiser there sort of acted not totally excited because they want to see Tiffany or other glassware all more!
But it was a totally fun experience, so well organized and you get to see what everyone else is bringing to the show while waiting in line etc. Fun to chat with folks etc. We didn't make it as a feature on TV but did get seen as we walked by in the back ground. Still very fun!
I would soooo do it again!

See my pretty little Grey semi wild kitty watching me through the family room
window tonight. She likes to sit on our BBQ and watch us when we are in here.
I have even caught her watching the tv too.


Mimi said...

I saw your crown logo on Marty's(stroll through life)blog and had to take a peek, as I'm Queen Mimi and Queen of our Castle!!!!
What girl isn't a Queen or a Princess??? My 2 daughters are my Princesses and we have a Grand-daughter who is 1 and she is for sure a little Princess!!!!
Love to peek in on new blogs when time allows!!! My sister lives in Silverdale, Wa, and I have been to the Emerald City 3 times!! Love it there and all that green!!!
I live in Az, where it is warm and dry!!!!
Enjoyed your blog
I may start a show and tell Monday!!!
Good idea, who ever started it!!!!
I love getting to know my blogging friends better
have a blessed day,


We always watch it on Monday evening. I am just facinated by the stories that some people have to go with their items. If they ever come to the St. Louis area, I am ready to go.

Have a great week.


marty39 said...

I try to watch it every week, I love it. Always so interesting to see the different items and to hear all the stories. I also like History Detectives that follows. Two great shows. Sounds like you had a really fun experience. Hugs, Marty

Glenda/MidSouth said...

I use to watch it a lot - don't know why I stopped.