Thursday, July 30, 2009

20 to 50, Day 9 # 12.........God!

Well it didn't cool down a whole lot over night, so the basement level still the best around here.
Wow , we are making the national news for our temps, send Heat Aid to the northwest...air conditioners, ice, water, baby pools for our yards etc. ( my behind would take up the whole thing but still would be cool, ha!).
Ok enough about that you get the point, it is HOT!!
So on to my 20 to 50 post, it is 9 days until I turn 50. Yikes, coming fast.
And in those almost 50 years I have learned a few things, or should have...
like this #12 .....That God is important in your life!
God is my lord and savior.
Yes I believe, in God , Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. I might not profess it the same as others but
I took the Lord as my savior many many years ago.
I really believe in walking the talk. I know many a person who call themselves Christians, go to church every week plus some but their actions to others don't show it!
I always confuse friends who think I am one religion or another.
I do genealogy, so people have thought I am LDS.
I talk about going to Catholic church and so they think I am Catholic.
And so on.
It says Presbyterian on my BCert. and I was raised in a christian nondenominational
Church of God.
Ron and I were married in his family church, Presbyterian.
I went through instruction etc. when married the first time to a Catholic and I still really like
going to Mass etc. I have really had God speak to me there when really needed at times.
I feel my spiritual connection to the Lord there more at times.
But I believe more in God than a certain building or set of rituals to worship him by.
I don't ever judge anyone for their beliefs or preferences.
I just know from life experiences that God is a very important part of my spirit and without that
influence I would probably not be here or not have survived the bad things of life!

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Myrna said...

Hi Linda! Thanks for your visits and sweet comments!
This was a great post!