Tuesday, May 5, 2009

One thing I have been doing this week....

I got this email from someone this past week ( see below) because of my blog posts.
So one thing I have been doing is helping her via the internet.
I have to go copy some info to send her today.
Now do I get my Junior Archaeology badge too , LOL?????

Hi, I found your Royal Touch blog online through researching milk glass for an archaeology class. I saw your extensive collection of Easter milk glass and was hoping you could help me identify the shards of a plate I'm analyzing. These were excavated from Fort Spokane, and are probably from sometime between 1880-1929. Do you know anything about the makers of these plates? I noticed the scalloped edging on this plate is really similar to another one you had with a rabbit on it. Any information you had would be greatly appreciated. Here's the Flickr link to the photos of the artifacts:http://www.flickr.com/photos/37982618@N04/ Thanks so much for your time!Allison Neterer

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Dona said...

Congratulations on your knowledge of milk glass reaching through cyberspace!!! Soon as I read this post it reminded me I wanted to ask you (if you wouldn't mind) if there is a current (or just kind of recent) milk glass reference book that you go to help determine the value on some of the marked pieces of milk glass?

My mom has some pieces that we're finding (she has alzheimers and we are just now cleaning her place out after moving her recently) in odd hidden places in her home. We've decided without really knowing why exactly but we think before her disease progressed to where it is now she started hiding what she thought was valuable things (obvious to us some are not because they are common thrift store pieces) but there are a few pieces that are marked and really are pretty that we think at one point she probably paid good money for so before I price them for my space I thought I'd do a little research. Anyway, excuse my rambling and I hope I haven't put you to sleep:)

Thought I'd pop into our little library here in Mount Vernon tomorrow just to see if they happen to have a book just on milk glass.

Thank you for your time! ~Dona

***I see you love Anacortes! My dh grew up there and we go over at least once a week to walk a favorite beach where we always find a bucket full of beach glass! Then hit some of the stores downtown - great unique selection for such a small town!