Saturday, May 9, 2009

Excitement.........Master bedroom floors a coming!

Oh I am excited now , the floors they are a comin'!
Ron's BF called him yesterday and is wanting some help painting his rental house, especially after he got bids from painters to do it. Mike is more Scotch than we are when it comes to those things, lol!
So Ron is going to help him and did some yesterday and we are going to trade him for payment.
He is going to buy our master bedroom flooring material ( hardwood laminate etc.) and help us install it, as he has done it in his own home.
Last year we were getting bid etc. and about ready to do it and then Ron's commuter car literally caught fire on the freeway, one dead car, but then we had over 200 thou on it.
So we had to buy a new car earlier than we had planned, there went our new floors in this room!

So Summer project looks like the redo of the master bedroom! When we tear into it to take the old flooring out ( icky blue green carpet) we are also going to scrape ceiling and redo it at the same time before new floors are put in.
My wheels are a turning!
So I am thinking at the same time might be good to also paint, as I have been thinking of a color change.
My brain is really loving soft blue ( never been a blue person before) with chocolate, some off white ( keep the furniture the same) and some beige.
Don't have alot or any blue in the rest of the house, some navy in spare room and some blues in family room.
But sometimes you just need to try something new or different, right?!
I love this room below although mine would be a twist or two on this.
A little less classical and a little more Frenchy.
Got the chandelier we took out of our dining room saved to go above the bed.
Do love the drapes around or partial canopy above bed, want that, we have bed crown that is leaves right now.
Anyway, probably be picking all your great decorating brains as this project happens!!

Loving this, can you see where I am going here,
the chocolate with some beige and off white and the hint of blue.
Oooo this would be good to inset my master bathroom cabinets with!!

Give me damask type prints anytime!!!

Drool drool on this room!!
Want the monogrammed pillows and that bed cover with that deep ruffle edge!!

Isn't this little chest to die for!
All covered in toile, love it!!

Love tone on tone prints, especially in bedding and fabrics on chairs!

Love the softness of this blue and it's contrast with the dark bed and white
woodwork, yummy!


mishebe said...

oh esciting linda. great trade. Cantwait to see the results. Good colors too. Mishelle

mishebe said...

Exciting was the word. lol

marty39 said...

Wow, I would love wood floors. How exciting. Your inspiration pics are all just wonderful. I love all of them. I can't wait to see the project unfold. Have a HAPPY MOTHERS DAY. Hugs, Marty

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Sounds like a good deal. Would love to have hardwood floors, but it won't happen here.

Julie said...

How exciting! I too am waiting on new floors. So I know how excited you are!;)
Have a wonderful Weekend...Julie