Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Back from the long weekend........

Hope everyone had a good weekend!
Well we were busy around the old Castle this Memorial Weekend.
Wasn't it grand, gorgeous weather, loved it....
Ron had some time off which is rare this time of year and got alot of
things caught up on his to do list!
We don't have to get goats now, as the lawn got mowed.
He also got some much needed rest and relax time too.
I was busy as well, taking advantage of the great weather and feeling good.
Got all the windows washed inside and out, I love when they are clean and
I can look out upon the greenery from inside.
I helped Ron too but that ended when I attempted by accident to cut
off the end of my thumb with a pruning saw. I do not recommend this!
I am ok , just bandaged up and with a sore digit!
We also BBQed alot and got to catch up on movie watching, rented a bunch we
had not gotten to see yet.
I took some time on Sunday to reflect on the true meaning of the holiday weekend with a visit to
the cemetery and a photo taking outing.
I tweeked a bit around the house.
One place being in the living room where I had wanted to change the drape rods to 2 singles
instead of big long one.
Still have to add molding around the bay window opening.
I also got the old light fixture back from the hardware store where the lighting guy was rewiring it for me.
So that meant tweeking the bay window area a bit!
All in all a good productive and also fun weekend, I even got flowers!!
(Click on photos below to enlarge)

The bay window area with 2 rods now for the drapes.
Actually I could push these out to the sides further and will when we
put the molding up. For now I was trying to use some existing holes in the wall
without making more.

Pretty pink roses!!!

The old Spanish brass light fixture hanging now in the bay window is one I found
second hand for no more than $10.
I took it to our local hardware store, the lighting dept. man there rewires for folks
inbetween customers for something to do. Cost me like $28 for materials and labor to
have him make this a hanging lamp with switch etc.
I added some prisms to it and .....voila , a hanging lamp!

Another shot of those pretty roses, I love roses, my favorite flower!

The vignette in the bay window on the antique wash stand.
Happy Tuesday to all!


Melissa Miller said...

Oh Linda it all looks so pretty! Love the light fixture.

I'm glad you had a wonderful weekend.

Have a great day.
~Melissa ;)

Melissa Miller said...

Sorry about your thumb....OUCH!
Feel better soon my friend.

Mo..."Mo's Cottage" said...

Love all your pretty treasures and I love roses as well...yours are lovely....
Mo :-)

Happy To Be said...

Oh Linda it just so pretty everything you did..love the marble top wash stand...and I seen one of your dolls just beautiful ...May you have a great day my friend...sorry about your thumb OUCH!!! Hugs and smiles Gloria

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

I missed this post. What a lovely area you have created. laurie