Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Attn: Dona or others........questions on Milk Glass.

Dona, probably would recommend 2 books that are about the best general reference books on milk glass but then after that you have to go by maker, as there are reference books for just Imperial milk glass, or Westmoreland milk glass etc.
The Milk Glass Book ( Schiffer) by Frank Chiarenza and James Slater is an excellent one but probably more rare pieces that the average household would not have had.
It was done in about 1998. Frank use to be the President of the National Milk Glass Collectors Society and had a glass museum back east at one time.
The other, a more general one but good for basic milk glass and the first one I bought is,
Collector's Encyclopedia of Milk Glass by Betty and Bill Newbound. Libraries might have this one, I kept checking it out till I bought one when I first collected.
But neither will have updated to 2009 prices probably but will give you a general idea of price based at publishing time.
NOTE: if anyone has photos of milk glass they want identified or want more information of, just email me and I would be glad to do it for you.


Mo..."Mo's Cottage" said...

Wow!!! That is great to know....My Mom had or has a lot of milk glass...I remember it growing up...she had some very cute things as I recall.....I will have to ask her if she has it around anymore.....
Mo :-)

Dona said...

'Thank You' - I so appreciate the information! I stopped at our library this afternoon but my 'weirdness' won out today...as I was heading/nearing the antique/reference book isle there was a whole family of sick people from the sounds coming from all of them - beginning from what looked like a one year old with a croupy sounding cough. Why the family of 6 were out seemingly having a good time at the library but sounding more like each one of them should have had their own room in the er...I left quickly!

I've printed off the names of books you shared and will carry that with me for the next visit to the library. The owner of the antique store downtown has several pieces of her own personal collection at the store for sale but when talking to her I don't think she goes by current value but more by what she paid for the pieces herself through the years.

Thanks again for sharing your knowledge! Dona