Thursday, April 30, 2009

Get Your Crowned Award..........

I have created my own award to give out, because I find many of you
so royal and special!
You are the jewels in my crown!
If you are a Blog that I Follow, or You Follow My Blog or Your Blog is Listed in
my Fav Blog List on the side column of my blog page then you get a
"You Have Been Crowned....by the Queen" Award.
Copy and paste it into your blog page and concider yourself very special, because you are!!
And if you want you can link it to my blog or not.
And then on your page for a post today, yes you have homework,
tell us 5 things about yourself we might not know.
Because we all need to know each other better in the royal blog kingdom!!
Here are 5 about me just for the heck of it;
1. My husband and I use to run an assisted living home for elder care.
2. When I first became ill and had to leave work, I started my own business
with spaces in crafters/antique malls when that whole thing first began.
3. I use to go every Summer when a kid to Church youth camp.
4. I was in a batton twirling group when a kid. We toured the NW in parades etc.
5. Wanted to be a Secret Service Agent at one time when growing up.
Ok now crown yourself and have fun!


Melissa Miller said...

What a sweet and beautiful award you made for us!

Thank you Linda!
I will add it to my sidebar and really appreciate the thoughfulness you have shown to all of us.
I enjoyed reading about you.

Come and check out my sixth month giveaway!
~Melissa :)

~CC Catherine said...

Linda, What a lovely sentiment! I am a follower of your blog already and have you on my blog roll actually! What a cute idea to create this crown... =) I'm guessing I'm going to see this everywhere! Very creative friend! ~CC Catherine from "Catherine de th`e Cups"

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Linda, this is so much fun! A "crown" award! I feel so regal! Thank you for allowing us into your royal kingdom! laurie

Chari said...

Hi Linda...

Just read your sweet note and came right over...I mean, a crown??? How fabulous is that!!! Of course, I'll where this beautiful crown with honor, my friend!!! Hmmm...I think I'll enjoy being Queen!!! What a sweet idea...crowning all of your followers! Thank you, thank you, thank you...taking a bow!!! Hehe!!!

Seriously...I do appreciate this my friend!!! Thank you!!!

Warmest wishes,