Friday, October 15, 2010

Show & Tell Friday...Pyrography.

Time for Show & Tell Friday,
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I thought I would show some pieces from one of my larger collections,
my Pyrography collection.
Pyrography aka Flemish Art is wood burned art, usually on wood but was
also done on fabric and leather.
It was an arts and craft of the late 1800's to about 1920.
My first piece was a machine done piece , a glove box that
my grandmother gave me.
Later I saw a complete article about it in a Victorian Homes
magazine that started me to collecting it.
I have many boxes; smalls such as a napkin ring, a hand mirror, a ping pong paddle , leather post cards and more; a couple pieces of small furniture; a wall shelf; several picture frames that I have old family photos in; a gorgeous piece done on velvet of roses; many plaques and pictures too.
I also have a kit or box with the tools etc. used to do this work and a "blank" plaque that has the pattern to burn printed on it but had not been done.

One of my favorite pieces is this Victorian lady wall plaque.
Rather large and very detailed.
It is a hand done piece with an ebony finished border or frame.

I love all the detail of her hair, lace on her dress and even pearls.
I found her at an antique store in my home town on a visit there years ago.

There are wall plaques of all sorts.
Like these three examples I have hanging near our front door.
Many pieces will have the maker and the date burned in the back, as many of them were done as gifts.
Sometimes a personal note from the giver also burned in the back.

Poinsettias were a popular flower to use in Pyrography.
Aztecs believed the poinsettia to be a symbol of purity.

And there are plaques with poems or sayings.
You can also find bowls and other household items.
Many are getting harder to find , as most all of these are true 100 +
year old antiques now.

Roses were also a popular flower.
Red was a symbol for passionate love in Victorian times as well
as today.
So this might have been done for someone for a gift of love and admiration.
This is a nice hand done piece that also has alot of paint.
Hand done and painted are more collectible and also more valuable.

This is also a rather large piece and nicely framed in a Victorian plaster
work on wood frame too.
Bunches of grapes, which remind me of my grandparents, who raised grapes
for Welchs.


Modern Country Style said...

Hi Linda,

These are amazing! You're so clever. I can't believe the detail you can 'draw'.

I can remember trying to make patterns on wood with a magnifying glass in the garden when I was little - not quite the same, I know, but so much fun!!

Thank you so much for your kind comment on Modern Country Style. You quite made my day!


{Bellamere Cottage} said...

What a great collection... I hadn't even heard of it before. That's why I love Bloggyvillllle.... I learn something new every single day.

Have a great weekend, Linda!