Thursday, September 16, 2010

Show and Tell Friday...not your typical plaster work!

Time for Show and Tell Friday!
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This week I thought I would show off one of my latest collections and passions,
Plaster work plaques .
It all started with a couple I found years ago and admired them for
their pretty Victorian look.
Now with having redone our master bedroom they seem to be just
the right art work for the room.
They add some texture and three dimensional qualities to the

This little white distressed cherub one was a gift from hubby
last year on my birthday.
It hangs in the sink area of our master bathroom.

This arrangement is on one of the bedroom walls and features several of the plaques.
I really like the color or finish on the cherub with flower on the left.
It is so old world in it's burnished gold.
If I can finish some of the others that way with something I am going to do so.

This large one was most recent find.
I bought it on our anniversary weekend in Snohomish WA.
at Faded Elegance .
It is appropriate for the occasion of our anniversary with the woman
gazing up at the man and being held in his arms.
It had some rather bad colors on it, so I gave it a spray paint job but
want to antique it more.
But I love it and the subject matter.

This little one with the Victorian lady and cherubs was one of the first ones I found. I think it is rather sweet and love the border edge as well.

This is a new one , this little cherub and I want to give him
a less shiny finish sometime.
But isn't he sweet.
I found him for only $5.

I like the idea of the white frames around them like with this one and
I might do that to all of them as I go along and then
in a grouping.

This Victorian lady round was the first one I bought.
There was a doll making shop here in town for awhile years ago.
I had taken a porcelain doll making class there.
The owner had the front of the shop set up so pretty and with dolls, antiques etc. to buy.
When she closed she had a big sale and I bought this and some other things there.
These two little shield shaped ones I also
found the same day in Snohomish at
I think they are really sweet and love their subject matter.

This one of sort of a French couple with the chippy paint etc.
was a thrift store find.
I was going to put it in my mall space to sell but
then I decided I liked it to much.
It goes great in our room.
Another romantic couple.
Hope you have enjoyed seeing our plaster work,
some of the pretty variety!

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awal.ny said...

My favorite is the little cherub that you want to tone down the shine, I love the chubby cheeks.