Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Power Surge of Menopause...

Well recently I have had to extreme joy of starting that age old process of Menopause.
Soon to be 51, there I said it, not afraid, just a number, so it is no wonder things
would be a changin'!
So I thought I would research, after all we can Google anything these days and learn something.
Thought I would prepare myself for the list of symptoms and
start figuring out how to survive it all!
Not to mention those people around me, namely Husband!

There were the usual things;
Can make you have headaches, bloating, make things you already
have worse, sweats, you know all that fun stuff!

But here are some symptoms I have figured out on my own, that they don't tell you about.
1. Anything and everything your husband says to you annoys the crap out of you!
2.The need to buy numorous therapy sessions; not for yourself but for all the messed up people in your world that are now beyond your tough love approach and just need someone to slap the crap out of them!
3. You thought you craved chocolate before, whoa, now you are calling people in the phone book with a Swiss sounding name to see if they have connections for the "good stuff"!
4. Your patience is gone; especially for that previously mentioned husband ( poor guy),
children running wild or crying nonstop in stores ( your grandchildren are ok though) and
anyone who can not manage a simple task in front of you while you are waiting in line!
5. The desire to run around naked most of the time, oh this one does sort of go with the hot
flashes thing.
6. An extremely sore tongue; this is because you constantly have to bite it to not say what
you really think to those other humans who are annoying the crap out of you!
7. Extreme language; not at all uncommon when having this power surge to verbalize your
self to other drivers with hands waving!
Kind of like speaking in tongues but with much more colorful terms, lol.
8. Hermititis; you crave quiet, alone and away time by yourself.
This is good too , as you are less likely to murder some poor fool in front of you
at the check out is technology challenged when using credit card machine!
9. Apologizeitis; Because you are constantly apologizing, mostly to the above mentioned husband, for
being a bit crazed during this Power Surge time in your life!
10.Throw out everything that you thought were symptoms because new ones could happen the next day!

P.S. Yes, Ron, my dear husband is still alive at this point in time!


Glenda/MidSouth said...

Yep - I agree with all of the above. :-D You have my sympathy!
Have a nice evening.

mishebe said...


Suzanne@thriftstoredecorjunky said...

hahahaha! I found your blog and was just surfing a little, when I saw this! I am turning 47 next month and I definitely have most, if not all of these symptoms! At least now I know what is wrong with me!

Want to ask you a favor: Can I repost this on my Facebook? I will give you credit...