Monday, July 5, 2010

Metamorphosis Monday......13 years ago!

Time for Metamorphosis Monday...
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Well we are in the middle of the master bedroom refinish, the final part.
And as we are working on that I realized it was 13 years ago today that we were moving in our
Castle Le Queen!
I remember we hardly got any sleep the night before moving ( July 4th) because
of all the fireworks going off all night.
We live to close to Indian reservations, so the firework season here is insane!
We had some friends helping us move because we had helped them move before that.
Now we have done so much to this place.....
BEFORE.... this is not exactly before but is 5 years ago when we were repainting the outside
Here is Ron when he had just started repainting the house...

At first the color looked so dark on the body but when done over all we really like it and got
alot of compliments on it.

Most of the body repainted and Ron working on trim.

Ladders here ladders there ladders everywhere!

I did alot of the trim painting and also all the garage door, all those squares etc.!

AFTER... this year at 4th of July with the bunting etc. up.

And here we are today...we had done so many things to our place;
landscaped, added a patio to the right side, repainted all rooms, redone the kitchen complete with new appliances,
installed all new vinyl windows and doors, replaced all the light fixtures, replaced all the flooring on the main floor and in hallways, redone all the woodwork, redid the living room fireplace, redone master bath completely, added cabinets to the laundry room, added counter and shelves to family room, and probably more I am forgetting!
And now we are redoing the master bedroom including new flooring, to be seen on a Metamorphosis Monday soon!

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Janette@Janette's Sage said...

This is great...looks wonderful. I also haven't heard Creed in years..they were one of my teens favorite bands years ago.
Thanks for stopping by my blog, enjoyed seeing yours,