Monday, April 19, 2010

Tabletop Tuesday.... do top of cabinets count, a laundry experience!

Time for Table top Tuesday, thanks to Marty for
Be sure and check our her wonderful blog and see who else is showing
us something on their tabletops.

Well I hope that it is OK to show on top of cabinets, rather than a table top.
If so, then I will show you things on top of our laundry room cabinets.

I made this sign from an vintage laundry bag I found at a garage sale and framed with
a thrift store frame.
Our laundry room when we bought the house had alot of waisted space.
It is actually a 1/2 bath with washer and dryer hookup in it also.
Above the washer and dryer when we bought the house were just two little wire
shelves, not really an organizational dream.

So some friends found us some salvaged oak cabinets at
a garage sale , all for $40.
I refinished them, added antique glass hardware then Ron and his Dad installed them.
The ceiling is high enough in here that I knew we could hang them lower than ceiling height
and have space to put old things on the top.
I have alot of things hanging on the walls etc. too.

So I have many vintage and antique things on the cabinets.
Some are family things, some are garage sale finds, some are thrift store treasures too!
Like the old cone shaped hand held washer ( second item from left).
It was a garage or estate sale find for like $2.

I have alot of antique and vintage canning jars, some hold my old buttons that I craft with.
Several of them were my grandmother's which make them more special.
There are reproduction spatter ware things I got at our local hardware store.
Vintage wash boards, hat stands etc.

Vintage toy irons, those were mine when growing up.
A porcelain glove form, old wooden woolen mill spools.
This little old red wooden barrel bucket is a favorite piece,
no wonder, it's

Some wooden firkin ( they make good storage), a metal dustpan and brush ( those were my grandmother's). Vintage clothes pins, more pearl buttons in a jar.

Yes I even have a chandelier in here.
One I got on sale out of a catalog.
I added an old wooden spool on the bottom for the finial.
It is actually a fun room to do laundry in with fun things to look at while
doing it!
But eventually we are going to move the laundry room into a part of the
garage, so I can have a craft room and larger laundry area.


Martha said...

What a great laundry room -- I love how you decorated it -- ours is in the basement so it is purely functional! How fun it would be to have a nice room!
Great job!

Anita @ Far Above Rubies said...

You have some really lovely vintage things and I love how you have used them here! Wish I had your laundry room!!

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it all. I am so glad you showed your cabinets and the fabulous treasures you have on them. You have created some of the most wonderful vignettes with your antiques and heirlooms. I have some in my laundry room too that I will show soon. All the vintage clothing hanging is so special too. I would love to do laundry in there, everything is just down my alley and I love it all. Thanks so much for joining the party. Hugs, Marty

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Your laundry room DOES look like a fun place! Your vintage treasures are so great, and I love your chandlier in the laundry room. (I would never have thought to do that.) What a great idea to frame that laundry bag! laurie