Thursday, March 25, 2010

Show & Tell Friday......Milk Glass Easter Collection.

It is good to be getting back in to blogging and with that also Show & Tell Fridays as well!
Thanks to Cindy at www.romantichome.blogspot.com Blog for hosting us. Be sure and see her fabulous blog and the others who are posting this week for Show & Tell Friday.

This week I thought I would show a favorite part of my Milk Glass collection which
is the Easter items. They are just whimsical , sweet and make me happy.
(Click on any photos to enlarge and see closer)

All set out on our dining room table for the photo shoot.
Normally they are housed in a lighted china cabinet I have in the corner of the living room.

There are many a plate and covered animal dishes.
The two painted pieces on the left, the plate and chick in egg on basket are probably two
of my more rare and hard to find pieces, especially with most of their paint still intact.
The chick in egg on basket was an amazing find at a garage sale, just laying on a blanket on the ground and for an amazing $8, it dates to late 1800s.

More plates and bunny covered dishes.
The two plates in the back again more rare because of all the paint intact.

The bunny, horseshoe and clover plate is a favorite.
So rare because it has most all it's paint still intact on the piece.
I also have this plate without the paint on it, in plain white.
This is also a late 1800s piece.

There are also come milk glass eggs as well.
And yet again more plates.
Most all these things were sold as gift or novelty items.
The large egg with the cross has a label on the bottom saying who it
was given to and for what occasion.

Another favorite plate with these figural almost three dimensional
chicks and eggs. A more rare and hard one to find.

The other side of the table.

More plates with bunnies, got to love those bunnies
especially at Easter time.

The plate on the left is the bunny , shamrock and clover one again but this
time without the painting on it.
Chicks, roosters are also a big theme in these Easter collectibles, like the plate on the right.
It reads " No Easter without Us" across the top.

Ducks are also part of the Easter themes.
This EASTER plate with ducks is my latest addition to the
collection, found on eBay.
Another version of the chick in egg but this time on a sleigh.
They did this chick in egg as the top to several different bottoms.

Chick egg cups are also an Easter staple.
The one on the right has a little chick face that is painted coming out of an egg which
is the cup.
And you can't have Easter without a crucifix or two , like this milk glass candle holder on the left.
Or milk glass baskets like this Imperial Glass Co. example on the right.
Hope you have enjoyed the tour!
Blessed Easter to you and yours!


Glenda/MidSouth said...

Great collection - You have some unusual pieces. Growing up, it seemed most everyone had milk glass items in their home.
Have a great weekend.

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Gorgeous collection. They are just all beautiful. Hugs, Marty

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

What a beautiful collection! You have so many pretty pieces, and I cannot believe you got that one at a garage sale! Linda, this would be a great post to also link to "My Favorite Things Saturday" on my blog. Please consider linking it. laurie

Tallulah's Antique Closet said...

You have some cool and nice Easter Antiques. Thanks for shareing A good eye you do have.. You should post your treasures at the Vintage Easter blog hop. Joan over at Anything goes hers is hosting that event as I am wrighting this right now. If you cant find her blog. Just go to my favorites and you will find her blog. Have a good day.

salmagundi said...

What a great collection! Thanks for stopping by my blog today to look at my 4 milk glass eggs. I've never searched for milk glass Easter stuff - what I have just happened. But, after seeing your great things, I think I'll start searching. Thanks for the inspiration. Sally

Allie and Pattie said...

Linda, I came to thank you for visiting us and for your sweet comment. I love your collection! I've been on a real "white" kick lately and this is so pretty
xoxo Pattie

once in a blue moon... said...

love your bunny dishes, i wish i bot them when i saw them years ago! wonderful, this is a 2 for the price of one! happy easter~