Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Day out and about.....

Yesterday was just to nice a day to stay home.
So since hubby was away doing his thing I decided on a ME Day out.
I did a couple things locally , one being to check out the Swap Market Sale
in Silvana, since a couple people I sort of know would be there, like Debi from,
and Peggy
a fellow space owner at Sasafrass & Co.
I had fun looking but didn't bring anything home.
Then I decided to head North and go to some favorite haunts in Mt. Vernon WA.
that I hadn't been to in a while.
One being Homeward Bound in downtown Mt. Vernon.
A lovely gift shop that has so many fun things....it is one I seldom get out of without
buying something.
(Click on photos to enlarge)
They have lovely Easter things, makes it feel like Spring and I will look forward to
switching our house out soon from Valentines things to more Springy fair.

More Easter and Spring things.....

They had this fun hot pink and black and white display of great things.
I had to come home with a Queen of Everything black and cream colored mug for me that has
a crown on it.

They carry lovely Tea related items and table linens.
One thing I was looking for was a good nest, for my new bird cage stand and I found one here.
They had great ones, several different kinds and better than I had seen elsewhere or at the craft store.

Owner just did this corner that is all beach themed, great!!

This is sort of the primitive or man room in a way.
I just love all their antique things up above for atmosphere.
And they carry patriotic and more western, country things in here.
Man things like fishing themed items etc, or lodge decor as well.

You can find really darling things at this store, worth a trip to Mt. Vernon.
And one block away are two antique shops, Dilley Dalleys and another next door.

I even got to pop in and see my son while he was working , drop off some baby things
I got them for our grandson to be, who is coming soon!
On my way back I stopped in Stanwood and checked out Poppyseeds and also the Spare Room.
Was fun, I needed some away time, even if I didn't buy alot, just to get out and browse around was good medicine.

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Glenda/MidSouth said...

Looks like fun places to browse around. I have not done that in several weeks now. I need a dose of that medicine! :-)