Monday, December 21, 2009

The Story of our Star..........

We all know the story of the true star, how it guided the wise men to the baby Jesus!
How that shining star was their inspiration and guidance on a dark wintry night!
Well here is my star story for Christmas.....why I always put this star at the top of
our family tree each year.

22 years ago was not a very happy Christmas. My then husband had a "Tiger Woods" complex, had moved out a couple months before and I was home alone with a barely 2 year old little boy who did not understand at all what was happening in his world.
2 days before Christmas my husband was nice enough to serve divorce papers on me at home leaving me with all the bills, daycare etc to deal with ; I had been in a wreck that week in my work parking lot with an idiot driver ; and the washer & dryer had died.
It was a pretty grim time to say the least.
And somehow I had to pull out a good attitude for my son and his sake!

I had been working on this craft kit that makes this star you see in photos, three sided with gold details. It was something to work off the stress and maybe keep my mind off things more depressing. It was my star of hope, as I worked I would pray! Pray that God
would give me answers, would make his will be known and that he would give me hope for the future and for my son.

So on that Christmas this star was finished and went up upon our tree.
I still made a Christmas dinner, invited my In Laws to join us ( Kyle's father went out of state and didn't even call his son or anything for a month) and was determined to to make
it a Christmas for my son!
And I did.
And even in the light of stressful, or tough times , or even heart breaking things since then,
God has always given me hope in my heart,
hope in my life, hope for the future one day at a time!
So I hang this star upon our tree each year, knowing what it represents and knowing that
God will always see me through!

May God also bless your life in ways you can not even believe and bring
you the peace that is only found through having that relationship with him!
Merry Christmas!

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Martha said...

What a great story -- how precious that star is to you and your family -- and it wouldn't be Christmas without it!

It's a lovely star as well and I'm sure that since that first Christmas of hardship that it has seen many joyful Christmases since.