Saturday, October 24, 2009

Closing up for Winter.......

Well it is that time of year to pull out the old crock pot and cook warm foods, which we
have been doing alot. Sure is good!
And time to winterize things which we have been doing also.
Sort of hate to see the warm weather go, my body does for sure, but I also like Fall for some reasons. It is a time to light the fire in the fireplace, snuggle under a warm blanky, read a good book or magazine , watch movies on a rainy day, take a nice drive to see the Fall colors.
There is something slower and calming about this time of year!

Our outside back deck, getting all winterized and closed up for the year.
The patio furniture pulled in and under the cover.
As well as all my yard and patio chachkees!
(Click on photos to enlarge)

The wicker is all put away, cushions stored for the Winter.
Tarp walls are pulled down over the deck.

Some of my vintage watering can and flower frog collections.

Our little semi wild grey kitty who lives here trying to get in my photos too.
Actually she is wanting to eat, yet again, she thinks food time every time I
open the slider.
But she is a pretty thing for a semi wild, she is finally letting me pet her a bit too.
The patio umbrella is in for the winter as are all the furnishings from the patio.
Sort of sad, dark and gloomy. It is space we enjoy so much in the warm time of year.
Ron luckily got the decking all stain painted before Winter too and some of it replaced that was rotted out.
I will be glad when we can get it all out and Summerized again next year!


Glenda/MidSouth said...

Know what you mean. I went out and about today as the weather was wonderful - for a change. Came home and looked at the courtyard, and all I saw was dead flowers to be cut back & taken to the garbage and a ton of leaves to be cleaned up. An ongoing battle for the next couple of months.
Have a great weekend.

Melissa Miller said...

It is a nice time of year for sure.

She is a semi wild kitty? ~Wow! She is beautiful. She would be living inside with us and my big ole' Chestnut kitty if she was outside my door. So pretty.

Many Blessings, ~Melissa :)