Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Whew....the Queen of this Castle has been a busy girl!

Well I am trying to rest a bit this evening.
Been so so busy as of late with a wedding coming the end of the month, lots to do.
I will try to be back in Oct. to my usual blogging and joining in!
The holiday weekend was jammed packed.
First of all my hubby was injured /attacked by a mental patient at his job last week and has been out of work since. I would show you photos but is sort of icky, worst being his eye, he got a finger in it. He is being seen by an eye doctor to determine when he can return to work because the eye was compromised.
So before we could go to dinner on our anniversary on Friday he had to see the
eye doctor. He is recooping and getting better from his other injuries and doctoring the eye.
We enjoyed our lovely anniversary dinner that evening!
Then Sat. I had a wedding shower for my DIL to be to attend in Mt. Vernon, WA.
It was very nice and some photos follow.
( Click on any photo to enlarge)
Sunday while I had hubby home and as long as he felt up to it, well I did most of the work really, then I worked on our master bedroom more.
I finished all the chocolate brown walls and then got our redone head board painted.
Then he helped get the headboard attached etc.
I still have more to work on on the head board but wanted to get it on for now to see how it looks.
( See photos at the end of this post)
Then after all that I was pooped out on Monday.
So I rested but still while sitting or resting worked on wedding things, got all the wedding favors
made .
Hope all in blogland have been well and good!!

My cute son, who came home after work to find there was some cake still left
after the wedding shower.

A lovely table was set.
The mother of the bride used her china.
I used my punch bowl and also my grandmother's glass cup and snack tray sets.
And I brought some yummy raspberry truffles to enjoy as well!

Her grandmother made the cake and is making the wedding cake.

We all made some yummy food to eat!

Tanya with all her "girls".
She is the one in black top in the middle.

Me helping to dress Marissa in her "wedding gown".

All the wedding dress girls with their dressers!

Some of the flowers outside our anniversary dinner restaurant, Anthony's in Edmonds.
It is at the marina there so we had a lovely sunset view and watched the ferries and other boats come and go.
And the food was yummy too!

This palm made me think of our honeymoon to Hawaii.
All the pretty flowers there and how lush it was.

I still have to find the right replacement lamp shades.
I haven't found the right shape or color yet.

I just stuck the Q up above the bed for now, till I finish this area.
Sort of looks good though as a bit of modernness in with all the classic things.

If you saw the comforter in person you would see the white and teal blue accents more.
It does not show up as well in photos.

I enhanced the bed skirt that came with the bedding set with chocolate pleated valances
I got at ROSS for $2.99 each. I just sewed them over the top of the existing bed skirt.
And ignore the icky green carpet that is going as soon as we can put the wood flooring in.
I like the contrast of the antique white furniture against the rich brown walls!


mishebe said...

Poor hubs. My god . Bedroom looks great. And happy wedding to your son. mishelle

Glenda/MidSouth said...

You have been busy. Sorry about what happened to your husband and sure hope his eye will be ok. Your room is pretty.

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Oh Linda, I am so sorry about your husband. I hope is much better now. I'm so late getting here, but I'll still be saying a prayer for him. Your bedroom looks stunning, and that looks like it was a fun wedding shower. Love all of the girls dressed in their "wedding dresses"! Too cute. laurie