Monday, September 14, 2009

Poppying in for a blog post.......less than 2 weeks to wedding!

Just popping in to say Hi to all in Blogland.
Several things I would have liked to have been doing this past weekend , like going to the Barn House sale or
the one at Haley's Cottage but just to busy right now, couldn't fit it in.
So next time will be girl fun time!
Been busy busy around Castle Queen with wedding soon approaching and all.
Plus last Friday had relatives stop by for a visit all the way from Georgia.
Then we had friends over for a bit of wine and dinner on Saturday, was our turn to cook.
Somewhere between errands I stopped at two garage sales next to each other and found 2 movies, this cool candle sconce and yet another cute birdhouse all for $5.

The above sconce was green and black and had plastic prisms.
I gave it a quick spray paint job and added glass prisms.
It goes well in the master bedroom new redo.!
The birdcage just ended up in the living room for now but that is temporary.
But isn't it cute for $2.50?

We are less than 2 weeks away till our son's wedding.
This weeks duties include making the ring pillow and working on the vases for the tables.
This is what the pile in the living room looks like for some of the serving dishes we are using, the bows for decor etc.
Mof the Bride and I are working on some things here this week and then she will haul
all these things to the wedding site.

Hubby was a really busy guy around Castle Queen this weekend.
He was suppose to be resting his eye more but doesn't always listen to orders!
And he wanted to get a couple things done while it was still good weather.
One being power washing the front deck and steps and getting them stain/painted, which he did.
They look so great and like new again.

Hubbie's other project on the weekend was to fix and replace some of our back deck
that had rotted out.
Our decks put on by previous owners so they are needing it in places.

And I got a "you're right honey" point too.
As I had told him that some of the under structure was probably rotting out too.
He had disagreed.
Sure enough it was.
So he had to replace some of that as well.
And while under there found things that didn't belong; old blanket, beer can etc.
But darn it, no buried treasure!!

He still has a bit of work to do here and then we have to figure out how to
put the stain on ( same as front deck) without getting kitty paw prints in it?!


Glenda/MidSouth said...

You have been busy! Tell your hubby to take it easy with his eye, so he won't have problems later. Sorry - no suggestions on keeping the kittys off of the newly stained area. Looking forward to seeing pictures of the happy event. Great deal on the birdcage and sconce. Blanket & beer can??? Sounds like someone had a party under your deck! :)
Have a great week.

DesignTies said...

Sounds like it's been busy around your house!! Good thing you had a bit of time for shopping, though -- the wall sconce is really pretty :-) Spray paint is your friend!!

Thanks for visiting my 9/11 post and the anniversary wishes :-) We had a great time in Nova Scotia -- it was so nice to spend lots of time together :-) I don't think hubby got on my nerves even once!! ;-)

You definitely should go back to Nove Scotia for more than an airplane refuel!! It's really beautiful, and I bet you'd be able to learn more about your ancestory.