Saturday, August 1, 2009

20 to 50, Day 7 Post # 14.....be open!

Well only a week till the big 50 hits me, hopefully gently and with not to much damage.
I say that as I count more hair in places that a woman shouldn't have it nor needs it, LOL!
I am not sure what that is about.
Maybe God decided that as we get older and our blood thins, we get colder and need more hair.
Oh come on, laugh with me, it eases my pain!!
So, this is day 7 before I turn older and # 14 of what I have learned in 50 years.
#14...be open!
That means be open in your heart and soul. You never know who you will meet and why you are suppose to meet them in your travels.
Like the lady I met at the paint counter at Lowes today.
She was surprised when I told the clerk or paint helper person that she was there first, which she was, but she was surprised at my honesty.
I don't know why but then I was raised that way.
Maybe she saw something or experienced something that is lacking in others these days.
We had a nice chat, she had a thick Mass. accent, fun to hear!
We chatted about sea food, about what we are painting, her life with her husband who she dearly misses. They had a wonderful life full of travel, he was good to her.
She was fun! She touched my life, I can only hope I touched hers too.
So be open to those around you....that small touch might make someones day a bit brighter, even your own!

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JamaGenie said...

About our blood thinning and therefore we need more hair where we never had it before - hahahahahaha!
(But why does He take it from the places we used to have lots of it???)

Call me weird too, but I (most) always tell a clerk the other person was there first. However, that upbringing seems to evaporate if the OP happens to be a total jerk.