Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday rainy day craft.....a bit of recycling !

A bit of Monday rainy day crafting, since I didn't get something done to do a Met Monday post.
This in honor of my Grandmother Iva I guess, as she was a Queen of recycling crafting, as is my mother. They could /can make anything out of anything I swear!
Maybe because they are from that era of reusing and recycling as times were tough and they lived on a farm, you had to.
In this case I am recycling jar candle glass lids. I had done this for sometime, made mostly for gifts I gave away, some I sold.
Supplies; Glass Jar Candle Lid with rubber seal cut off, Glass candle tray from craft store, Multi-Grip glass glue, Sea Shells and Colored small rocks from craft store.
( Fillers can be anything you imagine or you can substitute things from craft store for things you
already have at home!)
(Click on photo to enlarge)

You place in your main items of interest into the candle jar lid.
in this case some sea shells, face up to the top of the jar lid.
You could do what ever you like though.
Old pearl buttons would be cute ; maybe some mixed media with paper
and other objects. I think you could do almost anything.

Now you put some of your filler in behind or on top of the shells.
This could be sand, or rocks, moss , really whatever you like.
I like to leave a little space, not pack it tight, so that the shells etc. move around a bit when people pick up or look at the paperweight.
I liked the contrast of the white shells against the green rocks etc. with this one.

Sorry for the blurry here. Then you take some of my favorite craft glue
that I use mostly on glass items, Multi-Grip. You place some of the
glue around the rim of the candle jar lip and place the glass candle tray on top of that with
some pressure. Let dry completely.

And the finished product on the table.
Looks a little bit like the old domed antique paperweights of days gone by.
You can also use two same sized lids glued together and this creates a paperweight with even more space inside.
Is a fun easy craft for kids and helps to recycled glass and other things.
They can find shells and things on outings to the beach and then create with them.
Have fun creating on your rainy day too!!!


Glenda/MidSouth said...

What a cute idea. Thanks sharing and the tutorial.

Myrna said...

VERY cute idea!!
Had a lovely time at the beach..relaxing and fun. 'Twas a nice break from the heat..it's over 100 inland!!