Sunday, July 26, 2009

Met Monday......a partial metamorphosis, testing!

It is Met Monday time again...I have been away as I haven't had time to work on some projects I want to use for these posts.
Thank you to Susan at,http://betweennapsontheporch.blogspot.com/ , for being our hostess each week. Stop by her blog to see other posters doing Met Monday posts this week.
And right now it is to darn hot to do much, this week going to be miserable here in the Northwest, so I will be in the cooler basement working on somethings.
Tonight I was just curious and wanted to mess with the master bedroom a bit.
Not done yet, we are in limbo on that project for a couple reasons.
But it helped me get some better ideas to just put on the new bedding and some things to see how it will be.
Now if I can just decide on wall paint colors, I could at least start that part soon.
( Click on any photo to enlarge, but don't look close at the messy spots, lol!)

Before.....as it looked when I was messing with the bedding before.
And with our existing paint and wallpaper etc.
That is all going to change!

Our bed frame, ick! This had sides and a foot board too. Was a water bed frame that we have still used. Ron had it when we got married and he loves it as is, you know how men are!
I want to paint it or upholster it or get rid of it altogether!!!
I did convince him this last week to take the sides and foot board off and just use the headboard, so that is progress. One reason is because we put risers under our bed legs, our bed was to low for the bedding and to get into etc.

The painting that I love but needs to get moved and the lamps that I had.
Been selling off things I am not going to keep and use elsewhere at garage sales.

As it is now. I moved the painting above the bed.
I have this really pretty old framed mirror I want there and wanted
to see what it is going to look like.
The cornice about or the bed crown is going to change.
I want it more open looking or straight across with drapes down each side and same drapes with no valance on the windows.
After....work in progress.

Can't decide if I like the new bench by the window better or at the end of the bed.
Sometimes at the end of the bed makes it a bit cramped for walking in that area.
And I know it is hard to look at new colors with the old color on the wall.
Now that I look at the bedding etc. on the bed it makes me question what the
new wall color will be yet again!
I need to decide.......browns with the tray ceiling area being the blue like a sky like I wanted at first or should I do the walls the light blue???

The bedding, so happy with it, can't wait to get it all pulled together.
It also came with Euro shams too so we can have that layered pillow thing happening.
I am a pillow girl, are you?
I love pretty pillows!

Also found some cute chandelier shades in chocolate that could be used on
the chandelier lamps or the chandelier.
I am thinking they are better on the chandelier because the lamps need the bigger scaled shade.
But I will have to find chocolate shades for the lamps, they are gold from living room days now.

I am liking having a chandelier above the bed.
But don't know if it should be without shades or not.
It will look even better when the ceiling gets scraped ( hate that dirty icky popcorn stuff) , and
a ceiling medallion gets added and the ceiling is faux trayed with molding, paint etc.

On the end of the bed some upholstery fabric I bought to do things with.
I think for one it would make a pretty throw on the bed with maybe some added fring or tassels on it. I might have to go back and buy more of it.

Toying around with putting the new bedding on the bed gets me excited to get this room done.
I hate waiting once I get an idea, want to get going and just DO IT!
I found these chocolate pleated valances for cheap that I am going to use in the making of the bed skirt. There will be several layers too it and really foofy!

The cute little bench aka early birthday gift again.
I am loving it!
Not sure if some cute detail will get painted on the back panel or not.


Kammy said...

Hello ~
Those colors are so rich !
I am in love with that bench !!!
Hugs ~ Kammy

Enchanted Rose Studio said...

Love the pretty colors of the blue and the brown. I too am a pillow girl, and love layering they! Your birthday bench is darling! Love it!


marty39 said...

Love the mirrow and all the beautiful colors and pillows. The bench is just gorgeous. Hugs, Marty

Lynn said...

Mirror looks great!
I vote FOR the shades on the chandelier.
Coming together nicely! Keep going!

Claudia@DipityRoad said...

All depends where you want your focal point... do you want it to be the walls? or do you want your walls to be subtle and in the background so your bedding can POP?

I am a fan of no shades and perhaps put a dimmer on them. Such romantic ambiance.

I love the bench... just make sure to put it where you will USE it. Function is key.

TTFN~~claudia ♥