Thursday, June 18, 2009

Want Healthcare reform.....start here! My rant this week!

One reason I take a break from news on the weekend is because things make me to irate.
Blame it on the Irish in me, the fact that I am way to empathetic at times or that
some things just don't make sense to me in my brain!
So this weeks rant is on health care reform, biggy in the news or starting to be,
something we need.
I start with a story about a woman, she is suffering from a terminal disease, dying from it actually, brain tumorish . She has already had a leg amputated because of it and she is in bad shape.
So far her medical expenses have cost $1,500,000 and other expenses $300,000.
She still gets to see her husband and before she was ill they could have relations and communicate etc. with each other.
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Terrible you say for anyone to have a disease like this and be dying from it, I agree.
is the
The woman I am talking about is
Susan Atkins,
remember this name, if not, if it was before your time, let me remind you.
She is one of the infamous Charlie Manson family murderers.
In 1969 ish helped massacre 7 people, one being Sharon Tate who was 8 mths pregnant, so that is an eighth person killed .
I totally remember this as a kid, seeing it all on the news, back when something like that was more rare than frequent like now.
When we were not so desensitized to it all.
We were smart, at first we gave these wonderful members of our society the much deserved
death sentence!
Then commuted them all to life in prison when we felt guilty about possibly doing the just and right thing of frying them in their clown suits!!
So because of that.....
She has spent all those years in prison at a cost of $50,000-90,000 a year , ON US.
She has been allowed to wed twice, ON US.
She has been allowed to have conjugal visits with her husbands, ON US.
She got ill and had that medical treatment , ON US.
The $1.500 million was for her medical treatment, the $300,000 was to just guard here while having that treatment.
Here husband is a lawyer who married her, probably wanting the rights to her story after her death! who files and ties up our courts with legal issues for her, ON US.
And the list goes on....
She wanted a compassionate release because she is dying.
I say give her a compassionate shot of drugs and be done with her!
And as I and others who can't even get our needed life saving meds paid for, at least our rapist and murderers are taken care of.
So if we want to reform for our medical costs , insurance etc.
I say we start in our corrections depts.
Give medical coverage to children, families, people who have contributed to society
and not our prisoners!!!
Just had to get that one out!

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mishebe said...

What a load of crap. i am with you. Sitting on death row forever. If they get that sentence they should be given an injection and be done with. We would definatley save some money in this economy. Pisses me off to.