Thursday, June 25, 2009

Oh Crum......I have Shingles symptoms!!

Been feeling a bit off and not so great for about a week or a little more.
Thought it was because hormone change time of the month was coming etc.
Or the weather changing affecting my fibromyalgia but then
I started getting a twinge of shingles symptoms and the pain was keeping me
awake this morning and uncomfortable in bed.
I can tell that is what it is , in the same places as when I originally had
them years ago.
Have only had a couple spells like this since org. having them in 1994.
Not like I need this but what can I do.
One reason I did not go out of town with the hubby this weekend.
He went to our hometown to coach his baseball team in a tournament. I was going to go to see family and my BFF but then didn't feel so good.
I opted to stay home and have a girls weekend and now part of that will be to nurse myself.
Anyone know any good helpful hints or remedies for this stuff let me know.
I already take L-Lysine for it as it helps more than meds the doc would give me, and I am
aloe-ing any spots, and I guess will just take it easy otherwise.
Maybe wine will help?!! LOL
I will rent my The Tudors series to watch this weekend and have wine with it.
How about chocolate is that good medicine too, ha!
Both my BFF and I say," gee, when we were younger and drank more we felt much better"!
Not that that is a solution but hey, might dull the pain anyway, lol!
Where is my cute male nurse for the weekend??
John ( as in Stamos), Kurt ( as in Russell), George ( as in Clooney) or
Carter ( as in Osterhouse sp?) come on over, I need some nursing, tee hee!


Melissa Miller said...

Oh no! I'm not familiar with any shingles remedies.
I hope you feel better soon Linda.

Glenda/MidSouth said...

I am so sorry! Jan or Feb. 08, I had them on my arm and the pain was pretty tough. My Dr. gave me a pres. for pain meds just in case it got worse, but I did not get it filled, and took advil instead. I don't like to take something that makes me loopy. Can't remember the other med he gave - apparently I caught it in the early stages, so did not have a severe case. Take care of yourself.


I feel for you! I have had them two different times. I found that keeping cool really helped. Take a tepid bath and then don't dry off and then get into bed. Stay quiet and rest. I had them for three weeks the first time before it was diagnosed. It took another two weeks for them to ease. Take care.


Linda said...

Thanks everyone, I am nursing and resting. Actually I have had worse pain all over with other things, Fibro attacks or flare ups where I felt like I had been beaten with a baseball bat from head to toe.
Those had me crying with pain.
This is just more uncomfortable and nerve like pain, like when you get sunburned and can't touch your skin and some deep like muscle-ish pain too. Is in my left side, bunn area, leg and crease of my leg.
Annoying to be sick! I hate it, depresses me too,feels like a waist of precious time to me.
I will survive though!!!

JamaGenie said...

Hang in there! I've never had fibro or shingles, but you have my sympathies.