Sunday, May 17, 2009

Met Monday......the kitchen, from country to french roosters.

Time for Metamorphosis Monday......thank you Susan at http://betweennapsontheporch.blogspot.com/
, for hosting us! Be sure and check out Susan's great blog and also the other Met Monday posters this week. See what they have transformed.

I had to dig up some old photos of my kitchen and how it use to be, well phase one and 2 of it's transformation.
When we bought our house in 1997 this lovely 1980's space had gold patterned falling apart flooring, all dark wood cabinets and gold appliances. ICK!
When we were first married we rented at first an older home in our home town that the owner had just remodeled the kitchen on. But nothing I had went with it.
It was white cabinets, grey flooring and black counters. I went with bright red and thus started the watermelon period of my life.
Back to this home, so those things came with me and I first did our kitchen in a very country store like theme.
Red is my favorite color and I like a bright cheery kitchen, so there you have it.
I liked it for a long time but was ready for a change.
And buying one thing made me change the whole thing, you know how that is?
A view of the kitchen with watermelon country store theme.
Just after we had redone the floors in here I believe.
(Click on photos to enlarge and hopefully they will for you.)

A view of the table corner with all my collectibles etc.
I hand painted the table and chairs myself.

A view of the table corner with hanging light above.

The space above the cabinets was done with a watermelon border wallpaper I found on eBay.
Old light fixtures were some I bought from a friends garage sale and repainted
and also added red and clear prisms too.
Most all the kitchen gadgets etc. hanging around the back splash etc. are family pieces, that were
either my mother's or grandmother's.
I have alot of red and green handled kitchen gadgets and I still like to collect
different and unusual gadgets.
I had handpainted all the watermelon cabinet pulls.
We had the countertops and back splash redone in really dark green and offwhite tiles and formica. Was to to expensive to justify granite or corian when we were not
redoing all the cabinets.
We refaced and painted the cabinets ourselves.
And we replaced all the appliances as we needed to.

All the things I had collected on plate shelves around the eating corner.
Some items I could not part with when I did the redo, as they were family things etc., so they have been saved and stored away for a later room maybe.

After photos........more of a french country rooster look.
When I did the redo, I had a couple garage sales that summer and sold most of the old stuff ( except family things) which helped to pay for the new things or the redo things.
I even did a wallpaper inset on the pantry door, trimmed it out with molding.
Adds some character to an otherwise plain door!

The open shelves as they are now, they hold alot of my collectibles
and I like my storage baskets on the bottom.
The bottom cabinets hold all my china sets and extra serving tableware.

On top of the fridge I even have a vignette.
One of my favorite bird cages hangs here.

Some of the kitchen accessories now
And the wallpaper.

One of my first Tablescapes for Tablescape Thursdays.
Shows the kitchen as it is these days.
Still has my red but more rich red or brick red.
Love it!
Hubby really liked this change when I did it, I was surprised.

This set of cupboards with open shelves on the top is what started the whole redo of the kitchen.
I found it at an antique shop in town for $250, already distressed but with no backing on it.
It had been a built in in an old home.
So we put plywood on the back of the lower cupboards.
Then on the top before we put on the plywood I wallpapered it to match the insets of the existing
kitchen cabinets.
I love the contrast of the red against the distressed antique white.
I also put some plate rail molding inside some of the open shelves.

The larger chandelier above the kitchen table.
Sort of a distressed bronze finish. I really like this one
and the smaller version above the kitchen sink.

A view of the kitchen as I was still wallpapering above the cabinets.
With the insets of the cabinets already done with wallpaper and new hardware.
I also took down my kitchen gadgets hanging on the backsplash walls.
I now have my rooster plates or others that coordinate hanging in this area, almost look like
tiles that way.
Coordinated this light above the stove with the new chandeliers also.

I was happy to find matching smaller and larger chandeliers at Lowes for this redo.
And the tapestry rooster valance also from Lowes.


Cindy said...

I just love it! You have made it so warm and inviting, I love the open cupboard and the really wonderful stuff you have displayed. The chandelier is just gorgeous and the rooster theme is so frenchish country. Love it, Cindy

artis1111 said...

Great job on the kitchen. I have roosters and a French flair in mine too. I am getting ready to paint a new backsplash soon as I get some time. Kathy

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Looks great. I once had the country store look also.

marty39 said...

Oh my how this reminds me of the country store look I had when we lived in Oregon. I am with you, I still have a lot of those things and can't seem to part with them. I love your new look. It is just gorgeous. Hugs, Marty

mishebe said...

love the pictures, never have pictures of my old kitchen wish i did it was cute.

Fifi Flowers said...

LOVE all the red!

Christi said...

Wow, what great collections!

Christi @ a Southern Life

Kammy said...

My how times have changed..I love your updated look .You have so many pretty things. I was just looking in the latest Country Sampler and it was showing old styles and new styles...lots of fun and so true ! Anyway it looks fab !
Hugs ~ Kammy

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

This looks fabulous! I love the new wallpaper and all of the neat treasures you've displayed. Those chandeliers are so pretty. laurie

Kim @ Manning Family Tree said...

I love the new look of your kitchen. But then I love the Rooster French Country look. Fabulous!!!

lvroftiques said...

Well I remember your kitchen being cute, but I don't remember it being THIS cute! OK that's it! You need to come to MY house and help me with my kitchen! It's a great big BLAH! That cupboard needs to come with ya *winks* Vanna

Myrna said...

Hi Linda! I must say, I love the before AND I love the after!! It's always nice to have change, tho..
Beautiful job!!

Jaz said...

Wouldn’t it be great to have a professional designer remodel your kitchen with high quality, solid wood cabinets without paying tens of thousands of dollars?