Sunday, May 31, 2009

I found it......new bedding for the Master.

Still got brown and blue on the brain for this room....

Yesterday I had some time to do some comparative shopping, on the hunt for the new bedding that will be for the master bedroom redo this summer. I had ordered a set from Macys but when it got here didn't like the fabric or the colors, to dark, to much blue etc.
So I am returning it.
And other blue and brown combos would have made, with dark floors too, this room like a cave.
While out I looked several places. Finally found something I liked, just what I was thinking of at Fred Meyers and it was 1/2 off for the complete set.
Here is the master as it is now with the new comforter just spread out on the top
for me to gaze at and get a vision of.
Now you have to imagine this with the flooring up above, the walls done in a little lighter shade of chocolate, the walls above the picture rail and into the ceiling a lighter brown still or beige. Then molding on the ceiling in an square of the largest part of the room( to make like a tray ceiling) and that will be painted like sky using the sort of silvery blue/turquoise like in the pillow and in the bedding.
Then a ceiling medallion for the chandelier to hang from in the sky.
And other changes to make too..... I have lamps I can already use, just have to change the large shades out for chandelier shades( which I already found some for $1.29 each in the chocolate brown at ROSS). And I am going to get some fancy cording and trim etc. to trim them out to match with the bedding more.
They have prisms too like the chandelier.
But I knew once I found the right bedding and get the colors down, and we get the flooring and then get the time to do it, it will come together with the accessories etc.
I am going to try and reuse and repurpose as much as possible, especially things I love and if
they fit into theme. Others will get moved to another part of the house.
Now I am trying to also think what I can use to make my own bed crown with or a canopy cornice with.
(Click on photos to enlarge)
Let me know what you think!

I like the old fashioned pattern of the tapestry fabric, sort of old world looking don't you think?!
Pattern looks like a coat of arms to me with sort of a crown affect at the top.
Be departure from what we have had but I think it is going to be really rich and old world when done!

Hard to see in the photos( they show up better in person) but it has that sort of teal/turquoise in the pattern which is what I was looking for. It also has the chocolate brown and some plum purple.
And this set came with a flat ungathered one layer bedskirt which won't do.
I think I will repurpose some offwhite sheers I have and some chocolate pleated valances I found cheep at ROSS for a layered ruffled look for the bedskirt.
And I bought some pretty embroidered linen tea towels with our initials on them that will turn into throw pillows. I love making pretty throw pillows myself!

The bedding next to the bench with the chocolate pillows on it.
Our furniture looks so white in photos, I assure you it is more antique white than
it looks here.
So I am hoping it can remain same color but I am prepared to "age" it
with some stain or a layering of paint colors if it needs to darken up.


Cass @ That Old House said...

I think you have EXCELLENT plans for your master bedroom -- I LOVE that bedding; in fact it would be just perfect for our master, too!

I know how hard it is to find the time to carry out all your plans -- I have the same problem, and my list of "to-do" projects is very very long!

Good luck ... and I look forward to seeing the completed room. I think it will be stunning!

mishebe said...

yes it is pretty. I have always thought freddys had pretty bedding. Mishelle

Timi said...

That looks fantastic. What a great find. So fitting for you.

Daffernia said...

You have good taste!! Lovely bedding set for your master bedroom... I found many options for stylish bedding at Annas Linens...