Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Follow up on blog awards.....my ten things!

Well I am back tracking a bit here while I have time.
Spencer at Bellamere Cottagehttp://bellamerecottage.blogspot.com/ was nice enough to award me some awards this week.
So here is my ten things about me, like you really want to know, LOL!!
And also, since I can't pick just 8 or whatever people to pass the awards onto, then
all who visit my blog, take the awards as I know you are deserving!!
Ok, here goes, like I can think of this many things;

1. Born in England to American parents, father was in the US Airforce stationed there.
My ancestory is all Scotch, Irish, Swiss, Swede, English and Dutch.
2. Really can't stand ignorance or intolerance in people about certain issues; like racial, political etc. Like when people make a general comment without any facts to back it up!
3. Have been married 3 times. 1st to my son's father, who I don't even waist time talking
about anymore. 2nd short lived as he was abusive and that led me to figure out why I was picking these "types". Alot of therapy for my childhood abuse etc.
And once I was healthy relationship wise I met my husband, when I wasn't even looking!
We have been married 16 years in Sept.09.
He is my best friend, soul mate and love!
4. Dream of vacations to; New England states, England, Scotland and Ireland.
5. Have to work on projects, even when watching TV sometimes. Like to be doing
something with my hands.
6. Would rather watch a movie than TV.
7. Prefer tea, don't drink coffee at all. I blame it on my English roots!
8. Am a Christian. But I really dislike others who say they are Christian and don't
walk the talk or criticize others for their beliefs.
9. Studied Interior Design/Architectural Design in College. Didn't finish when I got
married and put my ex through his career. I kick myself for not finishing!!
10. My father started my collection of dolls by bringing me back a doll from each place
he would go to in the military. Family members who traveled would add to it etc.
Hope everyone has a good Wednesday!!!

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