Wednesday, April 29, 2009

First Garage Sale of the Season, this weekend! Tips

Trying to heal up from my last working weekend and get ready for Garage Sale this weekend
at our house!
The weather reports looks like it is going to hold.
So here goes, "Baby needs a new pair of shoes" as they say or in my case, I got some
extra dental bills to pay for and also just more to clean out!!
Here is the link on Craigslist for details if you are in our area or out Garage Saling stop in, I got goodies!!
Thought I would give some tips as I am the Queen of garage sales, giving them and sometimes going to them. Maybe you like going to them more than giving one , I can relate.
Alot of work but is a good way to make some fast cash in these economic times and clean
out at the same time.
I have paid for trips before just with my seasonal garage sales or helped our family out alot
in a rough time, like when hubby got layed off for 6 mths or more a few years ago.
I know Women's Day magazine this month has some tips in it, some are not unlike mine.
1. Good signage, my hubby is an expert at putting up signs around town.
He has gotten out of towners here before they even knew about events downtown were going on.
They always praise him. Then I just put an ad on Craigslist, it's free!
2. Pricing; I always mark things a little up from what I want to get out of them, that leaves room to haggle with people. Then you can come down in price, still get what you want for it and they think they have gotten a deal!
3. I don't waist time on clothing anymore. Takes to much time to fold, hang , all that and so it all goes to a good cause like goodwill.
Unless you have baby or kids good clothes , these usually always go.
4. Also don't deal with 5-10 cent items or change for that.
25 cents and up is where I start, easier, less change to make etc.
5. Keep Money on you!! I use a fanny pack, then if I get alot accumulated I take in the excess at different times, like cleaning out a store register periodically. Just keep the change making money on me most the time.
I do this as people can distract you and be off with your cash box. I have
been Robbed before ( which was a weird thing ) and so I keep it with me.
6. Use colored stickers. Last year I got smart with alot of the little stuff.
I used color coding; marked all Red dots $5 each and so on.
Then made a master sign telling the prices for the colors.
This saved so much time in marking and writing on things when setting up.
7. I only do Fridays and Saturdays for sales. Sundays are no good, people are at Church, resting, with family and so on.
Plus by then I need to rest too, lol!
Fridays have always been my best days, always.
Last year in May, first garage sale I did I did over $1000.
Also, better to do weekends around paydays, like first of the month and 15th.
8. Also try to avoid event weekends in your town. Sometimes when fairs etc. are going on in your same area that helps to draw people but sometimes it can also hurt and your business will be really slow as folks are doing other things!
9. Do not hold things for people who say they will be back to get it, that have not put money on it . They never come back and in the mean time you could have sold it ten times.
10. Give buyers who are buying alot a break. I have had people who are dealers or have antique mall spaces etc. buy more when I was willing to give them a break off the total of all the items.
Happy Garage Sale Season!


laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Oh Wow! You really do know how to do it! I can't believe how much money you make. Oh, I wish I could come get some of those bargains! Good luck. laurie

Glenda/MidSouth said...

I use to have sales and usually did pretty good, but where I live now, it is now allowed unless you go in on the community wide sale that is held every couple of years or so (never have). I have gone in with others at their homes, but not as much luck. Hope you do well.