Saturday, April 25, 2009

Barbra tonight on CBS!!!!! and did you get the name of that truck!

Awwww , my fav Barbra Streisand on TV tonight!!!!
Still dreaming of seeing her live one day, life list thing!
Long story but she has been my fav since first seeing her on TV, you know for those
of you that are like me and are 39 and holding, when it was black and white TV.
I use to sing at the top of my lungs in my room to her records.( I did end up singing all through middle school and HS back in the day!)
Back then the self esteem not all it could be, child abuse does that to a persons soul,
so I thought if I could only sing like that I would be someone! would make me special ( as I didn't feel special or worthy of much!).
(Little did I know God already made me special, I just had to find my self again after being damaged!!)
So yes, I cry and get all mushy when I see her and to hear her sing is .....
well a spiritual thing for me!
Ok, enough therapy talk here.
And did anyone get the name off the truck that hit me this week, ouch!!LOL
Not literally but figuratively speaking that is.
I am having a bad Fibromyalgia flare up due to thinking I could lift and do some
landscaping last weekend.
So my body is saying OUCH in a big way, not fun!
I knew better but was trying to help the hubby and do some of it.
Now I pay for it!!
One reason I was not on yesterday for Show and Tell Friday. I was flat on my back on
the bed trying to not move, walk, stand or anything. Trying to heal up!
But I will live!!! Today a little better, going to try and head to Faded Elegance tonight for the
Ladies Night In and enjoy something besides tylenol and hot packs!!
Hope all are having a good weekend!!


Helen said...

Hello there Ms. Linda!
I love Barbra too and was lucky enough to see her live years ago in San Francisco. I was living in Minneapolis and one of my best friends an former co-workers invited me. We were travel agency employees so I was able to fly free ... he had two tickets ... and it was a performance I will NEVER forget. Looking forward to this evening.

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Oh, I love Barbara. You brought back some vivid memories of when I was young, and I would put Barbara's album on my record player and sing with her. It almost felt like I could sing! She is amazing, and still looks so great! Since I am catching up and reading your posts backwards, I know that you have had a better day since this one. I hope the better days continue. laurie

ann said...

i didn't see her.i knew she was on,but life interfered.
it's good to know you are getting over or are over the abuse.yes,it changes us,but it looks like you became a great person .i'm proud of you,dear...ann